Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why choose same style - Jalabiya 2012

It's been a while isnt it?

I've been seeing a lot of FB sellers selling jalabiya nowadays. This is a raging fashion here in Singapore. Ever since Arab Street was the most popular hang out place and belly dancing is a enjoying performance , so is the fashion evolving. Jalabiya now is a trend here.

Ladies nowadays don't just opt fot 'Baju Kurung' anymore. These long dresses called Jalabiya in arabic are a HUGE hit.

I browse through all these online sellers, send them queries and even ordered some. The thing about buying online is that , the sizes isn't exactly right even when asked for measurements, you can't return or exchange. And sometimes, you will only find out that the fabric with all the beadings are super heavy and when you wear it, it kept showing your cleavage,

But then, that's still hideable if you are wearing a hijab. Then come your worst nightmare, you go for Eid visiting, someone else is wearing the exact same thing or same design, different colour.

My advise to you is , buy a fabric of your choice! There is a huge selection of all sorts of fabrics located at Arab Street. Choose your own material, colours you love and texture you are comfortable with, mix and match the fabric. Go to a good tailor and customize your own. A simpe jalabiya is not so hard to sew.(that was what my tailor said ). But all these has to be done at least 3 months before Eid.

Typically , in Singapore, all the tailors does not take your orders 2 months before Eid. They are totally fully book with what I dont know!

I've been looking out for latest Jalabiya fashion and I will always go to Beenas from Dubai for her latest creations. It's gorgeous - I promise!

So for Jalabiya 2012, below are my chosen designs. I've chosen my fabric, my colour and my design.

So which one will be yours?

And also, Charm Bakes (my baking blog) was thinking of taking orders for Eid this year. Maybe you could comment on what you want to see on that blog, and I could work things out.

Thanks for reading.

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