Friday, January 29, 2010

To All my Dearest January Babies

As we all know that January is ending as so this year I'm wrapping up all the presentation to one. :)

To some that i did forget to wish, I truly apologize - Many Many! I'm sure you will have a blast with your loved ones and families. If there was anyone who celebrated alone, I apologize that I'm not there to cheer you up.  Babies.

Bu Roon - 3rd Jan
I seriously do not know how old you are this year. But I'm really sorry as I really forget about it. But not too worry, your present will be on your way!

Farah Aj a.k.a Faradiba - 3rd January. 
Wow! You've turned 32 this year. But always young at heart right? I know. 
Happy Birthday Dear Friend and may this year be a good one and always will be.

Norin Manaf - 3rd January
Hey old schoolmate! Happy 28! It's been decades since we met but I'm sure we will meet soon.

Norsuzy Yanty - 4th Jan
I'm glad you get to spend it with you loved hubby and enjoyed your holiday in Bangkok. 
Happy 24 and may you have your baby whenever you want it ok. No pressure. We might want to go holiday together someday!

Nur Izyan Rosli - 7th Jan
My favourite niece of all time. Every year you reminded me that you are 10 years younger than me. Darn!
18 this year and you have taken the big step. Congratulations. May you get your dental cert ok.
Love you Gombal!

Roze A Wahab - 22nd Jan
Hapy birthday Girlfiend. may you achieve what you plan this year!

Shaz Rahman - 22nd Jan
Shazzzzz.. I'm always happy to see you. Next time I go GUESS and buy something you give me that discount ok.. Haha.. Love you always! I know you are busy with the wedding this April. I pray that everything would go smoothly. So any color theme for us. Please don't choose white again ok.

Zhafeer Khan - 22nd Jan
Well my little boy, I know you can't ready this but this is for me to remember. I'm yet to buy you that dinosaur book you've asked for. No more toys or clothes for you. You got too many of them! It's time you have to study most of the time and put your transformers aside.

Afj Rapan a.k.a Pipi - 23rd Jan
It's your BIG 30 this year. Be happy always with your family!

Jenna Jan a.k.a Zana - 23rd Jan
Happy 27th Birthday! It was your big day as you got engaged . The pictures tells that you had hell lot of fun. Who will not? Got engaged to your love one and celebrate your birthday at the same time. And together with your new job. Watsons ould be different w/o you as everytime I see Watson, it reminded me of you.May you be blessed with all the good things in life this year and ever!

And last but not least!

My bitchiest sis-in-law, most highly gossiped about and the biggest bummer I've ever seen!

Haseena Khatoon a.k.a My Khatoon Network. - 27th Jan
You turned 24. Like I said this is the year you should plan your future on where it is going. And you will be perfect by 27 and get married. hahahaha.
Happy Birthday My B***h! May you be happy with that lost child. hah!
Hope you like the muffins and brownies I personally baked for you at Famous Amos. And the time spend at Swensen with that C.U.T.E guy around.


That was my January birthday list. What a long one and it's only JANUARY!!! I have like 11 more months to go. But , I will always be happy doing this. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
 Happy Birthday Everyone! It gets Crazier each year!
Since I'm going to be away tomorrow, my blog would not be updated for 6 days. But I will certainly update all my readers the juices of Bangkok once I'm back.
Please so miss me ok! Love you all! :)

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Your Point?

I have deleted about a total of more that 100 "not-friend" friends in Facebook on which I had a particularly good reason of doing so.

It's shook me when I realized that I barely know all these more that 100 people and wondered why they are in my Facebook. I seriously would not mind if I was really interested in social-networking.  But all these people whom I do not know, could see my status, my updates and my photos. This could also create a lot of spams in my registered email inbox.

The particular reason on why I need to be so peculiar is that one morning around 7am, my parents in law got a call form this anonymous person saying that she is from an organization tracking muslims who are off limits.

They or she found all these information in Facebook. She (together with the person whispering behind her) told both my parents in law that Eena had converted to Christianity. That statement was too absurd! She said that Eena has lost her way in life and told my parents in law to learn how to use Facebook to track on their children. Does this makes sense?
She also said that the pictures that Eena had posted was obscene. They said more things on the phone. No more details which I could typed out. She asked my parents in law to log in onto Eena's Facebook account during the call to see it.

The thing is Eena had deleted all her pictures 2 weeks ago before that call.

My dad-in-law made a smart move asking her which organization and give her office address so that they could come for counseling. She quickly said that there was no need for her to give him her address but he would need to give him his address instead so that she could come and counsel Eena.

Who would do this absolute nonsense move?
Were these people angry that they are unable to see Eena life picture anymore?
Why is their point then?

I wonder. To these people who made that call, please be mature and come foward to tell us your point of doing that. Even if somebody converted, it's between them and god. What is your point of waking them up at 7am?

GET A LIFE and STOP being a busy body! You are even creating more sin for yourself - "FITNAH"

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


January is ending soon. I just thought that I had just celebrated New Year last week. I was sitting down and pondering of my goals this year. Was it possible for me to make it all happen again or was I too bad and God's decided not to be good to me.

What happen last year was a flash in my head. I had no idea. lost myself in the midst of doing don't-know-what! I ponder more and more. I know I have listed this before but I just want to mark up why things are not going as plan and since it is the beginning of the year, it's the best time to do time tracking.

Nothing much came true last year except for the achievement I left Starhub and got into Starwood Hotels. This is my first time exploring the hospitality industry and yes, it's tough! with 1000 hotels to remember - I thought I could never make it.

I planned get to go to Dubai or any middle east country but not , I didn't get my car licence, lost my baby, didn't get my culinary diploma as I was finacially stuck during enrollment, infected with HFMD. I felt that I somehow fail as a whole person. It was a terrible year. Nonetheless, It would only make me work harder.

And I hope, hoped hard that this year would be better, brighter and clearer.
My wishlist for 2010 is a goal to see if I am able to achieve this things by your generousity ( which is better la ) or my hardwork.. And more over my birthday is coming in Feb, so (ehem! ehem!) you guys know what to do..

Gift Wishlist:
1 ) New phone with a decent camera most prefably the Samsung one.
2 ) Casio Exilim mini camera cost $279 only!!
3) Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst perfume
4) Hot Pink with Gold lining Adidas watch cost $115
5) A good pair of flops
6) Long Champ bag
7) Beautiful fabrics
8) Shopping vouchers - I like!!
9) Shopping vouchers x 5
10) Shopping vouchers x 10

An additional to my wishlist as i went for window shopping..

11) Quicksilver leather bag - which looks damn awesome lah!
12) A nice silver cham bracelet - Tiffanny ( what else! )

These giftlist will save my shopping spree for this year.. Mwahahahahah! I have covered my travel plans for 2010 on which I'm going to Bangkok and Bali, pending on Phuket and Bandung. Ooh.. so exciting covering bits of Asia this year.

Goals 2010:
1 ) Car driving licence
2 ) Airline ticket for trip to Mexico
3 ) $$$ for Trip to Middle east ( Saving that money for 2011 )
4 ) 5 custom made galabiyas designed by mua!
5 ) Visit to Bandung factories with friends.
6 ) A year of couplehood again ( if you know what mean )
7 ) Lose 10kg in 3 months ( lotsa determination )
8 ) Sign up for a course.
9 ) Plans for Yannie's wedding event successfully
10) Present Love a memorable birthday trip.

Most importantly the 10kg fats has to be gone by March! And I really hope to win that photo competition so I could win that unique Leica camera.

Let see if I'm able to cover most of it in 2010.. Wish me luck for the wishlist.Now working on the timeline.

Life is tough!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

My countdown!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

5 more days to go and I can't wait to step outside of my country and experience Bangkok. I'm turning 28 and this is my first trip to Bangkok. Can you believe that? Yah.. I'm might be very much off hand but at least now I made it! ( smiles! )

I asked around a lot on places to go, what to eat and what to really look out for . I really want to spend a joyful 5 days in there with all my friends and I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday in Bangkok. They keep telling me that I would keep on spending there and sometimes the money we bring is not enough so it's best to keep spares. I wonder if I'm going to finish SGD$1000 in 5 days there. I doubt it but who knows. I could be a real spender.

6 of us , Hyder & myself , Justin & Eileen , Dicky & Farah ( whom decided to come the very last minute ) will all be staying at theWestin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. And of course it would be at a staff, family and friend rate. It only cost us THB$1670 a night! A real good deal . Located at the Sukhumvit Road itself, this hotel is very accessible to almost anywhere.

This hotel is just next to a BTR station ( something like a MRT ) so traffic would not stop us!

All my friends say, "Do not miss The Platinum Mall" , it's heavenly.. I wonder how heavenly would it be.

This mall is huge, they say. So this would be my target and I think this is where most of money would go to. Next would be..

This is what I would look out for every holiday. A warm massage to detox and rejuvenate myself. It would enhanced the whole trip features. Shop, shop, shop then relax.

This is the Chatuchak market and this is the reason why I insisted to go on the weekend even though my birthday was on a Tuesday. The weekend had great bargains. I would not want to miss this.Indefinitely!

My husband will not be alive if his addiction is not around. Other than e of course (hah! ) , would be a place for him to hang out, have coffee and sheesha. Boss had recommended Soi Arab.

Justin insisted that we should try the 80cents worth coffee in Bangkok too. It so aromatic that you can never believe it's worth.

With a full 5 days itinerary in Bangkok, I wonder if I could enjoy seeing the sunset there.

I want to mesmerize myself! Bangkok, here we come!

To Baby, Eileen, Justin, Farah and Dicky. Thank you for making this trip possible. I would most probably be lost without you guys around.

Upon My word!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I don’t know if you had stayed at The Westin before. The experience of The Westin Brand is very special. This is my favorite hotel so far. To them, it’s not just about traveling but it’s about you transforming yourself and your ideas about traveling.

I did not like this brand because I’m part of the group. I love this brand so much and that is why I joined the group.

The Westin always says “ You will leave feeling better than when you arrived”. It does awaken your senses and calms your psyche. Like for example, in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, you can take a deep breathe with their signature scents in a totally smoke-free breathe environment. In Japan, you may savor traditional rituals reflecting an ancient culture while in Bali and Langkawi , you can definitely restore your inner tranquility with soothing wellness treatments while gazing at the Indian Ocean and the Andaman Sea. Restore your energy with the signature Heavenly bed and heavenly spa bath. And with all these , the transformation is only just the beginning.

Unwind with Westin… This is a Westin evening ritual.
Explore the sights, sounds and tastes of your destination through this program. These curated evening events opens a window onto the local culture and allow you to relax with fellow guests. I was surprised to get an invitation by the hotel manager for an evening for us just to chit-chat with them and over at Westin Langkawi, they have masseuses going around give you a 10 min shoulder and neck or hand massage while you enjoy the evening cocktails and the beautiful sunset at the Andaman Sea.

Heavenly Spa by Westin
This is an international award winning spa. Rejuvenate and Renew at the Heavenly Spa. I had my heavenly massage next to the beach together with the crashing waves and that it was just perfect for my afternoon of relaxation. The tranquil, sumptuous environments offers sanctuaries to restore my body and soul.

Not forgetting their signature Heavenly Beds and Pillows. This is the only hotel which allows you to bring the heavenly feeling back home. You are able to purchase the covers, the bed and pillows, towels either at the hotel you visited or you may order online.

And after all that said, I’m counting down to my next stay at The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, Bangkok. I just cannot wait for the next heavenly experience.

You have to try it to feel it.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cafe Le Caire - The countdown begins!

Cafe Le Caire @ Al Majlis will be celebrating their 10 years anniversary next year and they have started counting down to the big event of the decade!

Great food comes with a great deal. Special of the day cost only $10 if you flash your members card. This offers is for January. They are going to have very very interesting promos coming up and so do keep a look out.

I have spend almost 6 years hanging out and chillin at this place. It has created a 3rd home for me.
It's my lifestyle.

Sign up for your own membership only today. It's complimentary.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fall in love with Greek Secrets

Working in the hospitality industry had made me realize that travelling is not just about leisure but it’s is also about discovering the secrets of the world. Every continent has its own beauty and this time, I’m taking you to Greece.

From spectacular mountains to iconic islands, Greece has its own preservation that uses tourism to sustain the magical villages. And with uncommon beauty comes uncommon value.

It seems strange there was enough wealth in Greece to build trophy mansions : The explanation was a tale of lonely wives and entrepreneurial husbands. How I wondered, had buildings of such sophistication emerged in such lonely, isolated place? And why they seem to be as impeccable and well tended as if newly built, when they are clearly much older? And finally I learn, really two stories behind this phenomenon : improbable genesis of the villages and their equally improbable preservations.

Crete, the southernmost island in the Mediterranean, is internationally renowned for its rich history, enchanting beaches, traditional villages, and dramatic landscape, which includes high mountains, lush emerald forests, and incandescent blue coastlines. 

The Blue Palace Resort and Spa is ideally positioned to benefit from all of Crete’s treasures.

Seeing the beauty of Spinalonga Island, this is not the only one. Let’s now go to the unearth perfection with the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea serving as the perfect backdrop, near Pylos - is a beacon of sophistication blending Messinia’s rich history with the contemporary amenities of Navarino Dunes. 

With places so good to relax, you would not want to go home. I would even consider migrating there!

Last but not least, I’m going to show you the hotel, Vedema Resort, Santorini . Santorini is a famously beautiful island full of traditional buildings although often not the original ones. Built around a 400-year-old wine cellar, Vedema Resort preserves the traditions of a classic Greek village. Situated in the middle of emerald vineyards and overlooking Santorini’s renowned ebony beaches, offer the treasures of the Mediterranean. 

My overview of Greece is over-whelming. The beautiful scenery, humble culture and historical monuments are just astounding. And I also realized that their favorite color is blue, as if you didn’t notice.

And of course Starwood hotels in Greece are exclusive and promise you with a branded experience you will always remember. I would not know when I could afford a trip to Greece but knowing what they offer will definitely make me work hard wanting to see it personally.
All pictures are courtesy of Starwood hotels. 
To browse through more Starwood hotels in Greece , you may visit .
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Beach Wedding

Last Saturday, as mentioned in the earlier post, I went to our cousin Redha and wife, Faizura's wedding.

The wedding was held at East Coast Park, Gold Kist Resort, from 2pm to 10pm. It was a hot but windy in the day and cool in the evening. The wedding was crowded and from what I heard the bride whom is a friend of mine had a 5th Day chicken pox. Poor bride, but she got through it. She was so nervous and shy towards the crowd in front of her. :)

Congratulations to both sweet couple whom I have knew them for 6 years. And so I wondered if the honeymoon was decided to Paris or India.

That's us , on the way to the weddimg. Somebody can never get enough of their make-up. It's the beach we are going to.

The Groom and Bride

My darling princess looks so pretty with her dress. She got so vain with my fan, fanning around herself. So vain port!

And later, the Le Caire girls came and along with Justin and Eileen ( the Haji Lane king and queen )

And then believe it or not, they insisted on having their sheesha at the park. Is that even legal. Hahah.

You see how they are not so far away for the party itself. These guys can do anything they like!

And so I after the short sheesha seesion, we left for the day as baby had to work at 7.45pm. I didn't get to see the 2nd outfit for the bride and groom.

But I'm sure they had a great time.

Congratulations once again.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Sore Loser & Asshole

I logged in into Facebook today. I have not been active these few days as the wireless was down for a week at the cafe. It was so irritating not being able to update my status, unable to do media downloads, play around with Twitter, challenge the games and check all my emails.
I miss the cyber life.

Besides the story.

As I was browsing the News Feed on Facebook, checking out the status of my beloved friends, I came across a very noticeable comment. A person in my contact list which I have never considered him a friend or at any relations even though he was my sister's friend.

To me , he is a Sore Loser!

My beloved darling sister had dated this man for a while now. Well, I'm her little baby sister, I will want to see the best for her. In the position that I have never interfered private love issues. I'm happy for her if she is happy with herself. But when she's in need , I'll try my best to be there. Always trying to help to be the smarter one. :)

She was hurt before and yet again, to the moon and back with him. I thought since she is single, it would be good to have a circle of friends of girls and MEN. No harm done, professional and mutual.

Since the SORE LOSER had played punk before, would he think that he would ever be fully trusted again? And the SORE LOSER accused just by checking the history of somebody's phone? Where is your senses under that hairless and brainless head of yours?

Just because, somebody bumped into an old fling and exchange numbers, you start charging that as affairs. Wow!
Jealous ?
I guess you must have earned a lot of "charges" yourself. That is why you get so insecure and self praised yourself thinking that you are Mr HARD TO GET?
The thing that is HARD is only the thing down there!

Need I say more what type of person he is. Read below. And it is true that everything comes in pairs. The SORE LOSER has a partner called the ASSHOLE who treats women like thrash too.

Please click on the image to view the convo.

Next better player please! Round of applause to the SORE LOSER and ASSHOLE.

What goes around comes around man! Always remember that. Things we do always have a price to pay.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Days

Is Facebook down or what?? The page won't open at all! (wtf)

And so with that over-populated website down, I might as well update Ms Bloggie.  :)

Last week, while my father in law was out of town for business, we brought mum in law, lil Zhafeer and not so lil Syafiq out. We wanted to window shop and I was looking for all sorts of fabrics. Where were we? Arab street of course. Some have recognize that it is my favorite place.

It was fun time though raining.

We were in Anglia where we all became wild! The prices for the "bajus" there is so expensive and the material is so "ronyok".
Everytime you go to an occasion wearing an Anglia outfit, try sitting anyhow and you wil get the super crumpled effects!

And then we shop. I was in Rania textile and I enquired on this fabulous fabric with rhinestones on it and it cost $89/meter. I would need like 4 metres and that means that my outfit is going to cost about $500 with the sewing cost! Isn't that crazy?

And that is me, still thinking about the fabric.

I realize that cottons fabrics are in now.. Hmmm.I could do so many things with cotton. I could sew a bag, sew my own shorts, my pillow cases even! The prints were not as good as the ones I bought in US like Amy Butler fabrics or Michael Miller but they are quite acceptable.

Well after fabric shopping, we went to dine. Cafe Le Caire - needless to say.

Special treat for members in January - Killer Deal! If you order any special if the day in January, it will only cost you 10 dollars. This is in conjunction of their countdown for their 10 years anniversary in July 2011.

We had quite a meal and our Mr Not so Lil anymore, Syafiq gave us a treat with his allowance he got from working part-time during the holidays. Just by working he bought himself a Iphone, a $68 headphone and more.. And he's only 15 !!!!

And there they are. My lil ones. Posing off with my speckies. Nerds!

Hahaha.. I had a great day boys..

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Which one?

I was checking my e-mails and i cam across a Long Champ subscribe mailer.

One word caught my eye.


And yes, I've always like to buy customized Long Champ bags. It has my personal touch, let me choose my choice of colors, sizes, lengths ans the part I like most - my initials.


And so I started mix-matching. I've learn my lesson on never ever to choose white. I chose white and pink center on my last customized purchased and the stains on the white area never go off!

Which one should I choose?

My favorite canvas, Red and Brown this time with gold zips and buttons. And of course with my name embroided on it. This would cost only USD$135.
This piece would be a unique one as I have never seen this type used downtown.

This would be full leather and embossed intials. I chose my favorite Black with pink.
This would cost USD$450.

Hmmm... Splurge for  me.

I feel that every girl should own a Long Champ. The simplest and cheapest canvas.

Have you had yours?

Upon My Word!

The Eyes

It is the weekend already.

Wireless@sg has been down for a few days in Arab street and that has stopped me from blogging for a few days.

I could not do it ( blog)  at home cause, I was too tired to log in after the jogs and I have been having dinner out. :)

For the past 4 days, I have been having this eye infection a.k.a "tembel". My friends and colleagues had suggested so many things like:

Tie a black string on your middle finger ( left hand if your eye infections is on your right - vice versa )

Take hot rice, cover it with handkerchief and dab on your eyes.

And finally my doctor said .. " you have to use eyedrop and hot compress on your eyes morning and night. "

I thought it was quite silly to tie that black string which my PDL insist on it and nothing happen but infect in got worse on the 3rd day.  My eyes was like 3/4 swollen in the morning on Friday and you tell me - how should I see?
Doctor did suggested me a minor surgery to remove the sty but hell NO! Nobody is getting thru anywhere near my eyes.

My eyes are all better today. I could put on make up already. No more pale look!

I went to a wedding today. A dear friend of my , Fai and Lovee's dear cousin, Redha. I took pictures of the georgeous couple, but left early to not see their 2nd outfit. Lovee has got to work.

 But not to worry, I will definitely give a story on these Bollywood couple.

Upon My Word!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I was invited by Sila Danials to meet up for a small sweet girls gathering. I was more than delighted to accept the invitation.

As we were agreeing on the time and venue via Facebook inbox, Zilah Ray came out with a clause that we should not touch on the size and weight issues. We were relatively happy. I was struck. I thought that it was such a good clause. :)

I noticed and observed that every time there was such school meet ups , unknowingly people just want to show/know what and how others become. I strongly agree that this theory would be very wrong.

Reunions : A gathering of the members of a group who have been separated for quite some time.

This is to meet up with your old chums which most of us had missed out on all the fun we had together when we were younger. There was no need to be somebody you are not - really! As a member of the group, we should be happy to see each other again and greatly appreciate each others presence.

I have always tried to avoid these questions:
 Hey, how are you?
Good! Yourself?
I'm great/okay..
Where are you working now? Married? Kids?
Blah Blah Blah..
I see!
Long silence................................................

You just have nothing to continue anymore.. I hate that. Where was the moments when we could talk about anything under the sun. I missed that sometimes. Only a few of my friends would actually share their life stories and others are too busy creating one to tell.

Funny how that only a bunch are truthfully honest.

Well, indefinitely I know that this bunch I'm meeting up with are as crazy as they were. Glad to know that we are still sensible enough to know that life is too short to pretend and brag.

That is it!

Life was just too short.

Enjoy it while it last.

Appreciate what we have.

Friends are hard to come by and there is no reason we should compare or start the race. I will be looking foward to that gathering.

See you girls soon!

Upon My Word!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Harbour Seeks

2nd day of twenty ten. I feel love.

My husband finally got his weekend off. It has been quite sometime since he slave himself to work in Starhub in October to have that extra money for us. I appreciate it greatly.

And so before we started our date we head over to our favorite grandma's place with the rest of the family.

Sadly, Amy did not cook that day and all of us were famished. Bhai Faris had to save the day to go  and buy 5 packets of chicken rice for all of us. It was limited but sufficient and it was just good bonding time. The kids look so cute queuing up for their turn to be fed by their beloved Dadi.

And that i us enjoying all the time at her place. The kids had never fail to sweat there despite the strong wind. I have always enjoyed the wind up there.

And so we departed and Love and I headed to the Habour Front/ Vivo City to spend our evening there. Love wanted to see the Sunset which he wanted to go over to Sentosa. For me I wanted shopping and I told him that Sentosa would be packed! To be fair, I chose Vivo to enjoy the sun and the shopping.

Here we are at Vivo City. We spent from 4pm till 9pm at night.

We had a good meal a Musselicious and the venue was superb and the view was captivating.

It's in the way you want me. We sat there from before and after the sunset. It was such a romantic moment.

Well since i take a better picture with MY camera, lovee became my model of the day.  Anyway he wanted to show off his new top! Well hope you like the pictures love.

And the place we cannot missed out on Vivo City is Page One. Lovee will be at his favorite section - All the IT and gadgets stuffs while I go to the women's magazine, my favorite travel and living and cooking . Then I came up this interesting mag for my current situation now - Weight Watchers. Bought it!

I ended my day at Cafe Le Caire as usual and meet up with our favorite friends, Eileen & Justin. Some soul sharing and with a good laugh of us girls teasing the guys all the time, I ended my day with a smile in bed.

Sometimes, it's all the little things we do -  Contented.
Upon My Word!

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Step

It's 1st Jan 2010 already.
Here I am creating a new blog, wanting to track myself down for this whole year and maybe years to come. Like others I have plans, dreams and goals.
This would be a good source of vomitting out my thoughts and to kill all these free time I'm going to have.
 I am still comtemplating on whether I should make this publish?

I'm trying to list out the rational reason on why I'm starting these again.

  1. Firstly, eversince I started my new job in Starwood, I have a lot of time to myself. It has been 5 months now and god knows what I'm doing- Slumbering

  2. Since I have a lot of itineraries this year in 2010, I was thinking of sharing it or keep all these memories for my reading pleasure only. I read my past blog and I was smiling or eager trying to indulge in reminiscence.

  3. Cafe Le Caire had included me in theire social group as a committe member. Which means they require me to blog more and socialise more .. eergh..

Well I guess this is why I'm starting to write again. I've always wanted to be a writer/ reviewer. Food critique maybe. Wished to be one by 35. Maybe it is possible. I'll will definitely work that one out.

And so here goes my ranting..

To date I weigh 73kg on which I lost 1kg in 3 the past days and on which also I gained from 63kg when I got married in Aug 2008. I have a serious weight issue right now which have stopped me from cam whoring. Seriously!

And so I had a bet with my best friend Yannie though I seriously think that she is not fat but her fiance does think so, that we will have a target to lose by March 2010. The bet was , who became the biggest loser wins a surprise treat.

That bet started today. Yes I am watching my diet at this very moment. I had 4 slices of bread for brunch as I woke up at 12pm and I am not hungry eversince. It does makes a big difference as I am a 1 hourly muncher.

Well I am really hoping to be 63 again by March this year to fit in all the sexy dresses I'm going to try on.

I bought this pocket mag, Walking Fit and this is a truly perfect magazine for those who don't run. Walk off your belly fat they say. You can actually lose 2 sizes waist  in 1 month just by walking 20 mins a day. And of course you still have to control your diet still.

I'm trying this method and If you see me in the sexy dress, you know it works!

Upon My word!