Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Days

Is Facebook down or what?? The page won't open at all! (wtf)

And so with that over-populated website down, I might as well update Ms Bloggie.  :)

Last week, while my father in law was out of town for business, we brought mum in law, lil Zhafeer and not so lil Syafiq out. We wanted to window shop and I was looking for all sorts of fabrics. Where were we? Arab street of course. Some have recognize that it is my favorite place.

It was fun time though raining.

We were in Anglia where we all became wild! The prices for the "bajus" there is so expensive and the material is so "ronyok".
Everytime you go to an occasion wearing an Anglia outfit, try sitting anyhow and you wil get the super crumpled effects!

And then we shop. I was in Rania textile and I enquired on this fabulous fabric with rhinestones on it and it cost $89/meter. I would need like 4 metres and that means that my outfit is going to cost about $500 with the sewing cost! Isn't that crazy?

And that is me, still thinking about the fabric.

I realize that cottons fabrics are in now.. Hmmm.I could do so many things with cotton. I could sew a bag, sew my own shorts, my pillow cases even! The prints were not as good as the ones I bought in US like Amy Butler fabrics or Michael Miller but they are quite acceptable.

Well after fabric shopping, we went to dine. Cafe Le Caire - needless to say.

Special treat for members in January - Killer Deal! If you order any special if the day in January, it will only cost you 10 dollars. This is in conjunction of their countdown for their 10 years anniversary in July 2011.

We had quite a meal and our Mr Not so Lil anymore, Syafiq gave us a treat with his allowance he got from working part-time during the holidays. Just by working he bought himself a Iphone, a $68 headphone and more.. And he's only 15 !!!!

And there they are. My lil ones. Posing off with my speckies. Nerds!

Hahaha.. I had a great day boys..

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