Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Beach Wedding

Last Saturday, as mentioned in the earlier post, I went to our cousin Redha and wife, Faizura's wedding.

The wedding was held at East Coast Park, Gold Kist Resort, from 2pm to 10pm. It was a hot but windy in the day and cool in the evening. The wedding was crowded and from what I heard the bride whom is a friend of mine had a 5th Day chicken pox. Poor bride, but she got through it. She was so nervous and shy towards the crowd in front of her. :)

Congratulations to both sweet couple whom I have knew them for 6 years. And so I wondered if the honeymoon was decided to Paris or India.

That's us , on the way to the weddimg. Somebody can never get enough of their make-up. It's the beach we are going to.

The Groom and Bride

My darling princess looks so pretty with her dress. She got so vain with my fan, fanning around herself. So vain port!

And later, the Le Caire girls came and along with Justin and Eileen ( the Haji Lane king and queen )

And then believe it or not, they insisted on having their sheesha at the park. Is that even legal. Hahah.

You see how they are not so far away for the party itself. These guys can do anything they like!

And so I after the short sheesha seesion, we left for the day as baby had to work at 7.45pm. I didn't get to see the 2nd outfit for the bride and groom.

But I'm sure they had a great time.

Congratulations once again.

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