Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fall in love with Greek Secrets

Working in the hospitality industry had made me realize that travelling is not just about leisure but it’s is also about discovering the secrets of the world. Every continent has its own beauty and this time, I’m taking you to Greece.

From spectacular mountains to iconic islands, Greece has its own preservation that uses tourism to sustain the magical villages. And with uncommon beauty comes uncommon value.

It seems strange there was enough wealth in Greece to build trophy mansions : The explanation was a tale of lonely wives and entrepreneurial husbands. How I wondered, had buildings of such sophistication emerged in such lonely, isolated place? And why they seem to be as impeccable and well tended as if newly built, when they are clearly much older? And finally I learn, really two stories behind this phenomenon : improbable genesis of the villages and their equally improbable preservations.

Crete, the southernmost island in the Mediterranean, is internationally renowned for its rich history, enchanting beaches, traditional villages, and dramatic landscape, which includes high mountains, lush emerald forests, and incandescent blue coastlines. 

The Blue Palace Resort and Spa is ideally positioned to benefit from all of Crete’s treasures.

Seeing the beauty of Spinalonga Island, this is not the only one. Let’s now go to the unearth perfection with the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea serving as the perfect backdrop, near Pylos - is a beacon of sophistication blending Messinia’s rich history with the contemporary amenities of Navarino Dunes. 

With places so good to relax, you would not want to go home. I would even consider migrating there!

Last but not least, I’m going to show you the hotel, Vedema Resort, Santorini . Santorini is a famously beautiful island full of traditional buildings although often not the original ones. Built around a 400-year-old wine cellar, Vedema Resort preserves the traditions of a classic Greek village. Situated in the middle of emerald vineyards and overlooking Santorini’s renowned ebony beaches, offer the treasures of the Mediterranean. 

My overview of Greece is over-whelming. The beautiful scenery, humble culture and historical monuments are just astounding. And I also realized that their favorite color is blue, as if you didn’t notice.

And of course Starwood hotels in Greece are exclusive and promise you with a branded experience you will always remember. I would not know when I could afford a trip to Greece but knowing what they offer will definitely make me work hard wanting to see it personally.
All pictures are courtesy of Starwood hotels. 
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