Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 1st Accident

It was my day out with my girl friends. All pre-planned and booked at the Carousel. As I was picking up the food at the buffet counters, I heard my phone rang. I was faraway to answer it. As I reach my dining table the phone rang again. I thought it was just a random call my husband always make, to let me know that already at work. 

But it was different.

He called to inform me that he was in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. I thought he was sending someone to the hospital. But then he told me that Farhan's bike skidded while he was on his way to work and he flew off the bike. 

The food I was having wasn't tasty anymore. I got worried, wanting to leave my friends at the dinner table. But baby was so calm, saying that he did not have any major injuries and had asked me to stay wherever I was and he will keep me informed of whatever conditions.

After a few hours, we met. Thanks to Fadli who fetch him from the hospital. 

I was so worried for him. My husband has always been a careful driver even when he tries to speed. I've been with him for 6 years now and he has never met with an accident before , driving any car. It raged me when the accident is caused by a reckless rider. Anyone of you could die and nobody wants that. You all have your loved ones around and you would not want to leave them hanging just by being reckless. It's self-fish!

Alhamdullilah , everyone was ok.

And so let me show the injured pillon. :)

Yah.. He looks in pain? No he's not.. He's just tired of waiting at the hospital.

That was the time he met with the accident.

Though he flew quite a distance, He landed on his hands and knees but only 1 knee was badly hurt.

The accident summary.

I'm ok , seeing that he's ok. I just couldn't afford to see him hurt. He's my life.

To all drivers and riders, please make the roads a safer place.
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Monday, March 15, 2010


Gandhi said - "Whatever you do in life would be insignificant but you do it because it's important"

I asked - "Important for who?" - No answers.

What happens when you do not have a direction in life? 

Or is it always better to live by the day? 

What happens when your friend turns into a foe, family turns to strangers and soul mates turn to hell mates?

What should we do? 

How do we change the butterfly effect?

Money is always the caused of all evil, and for those who has alot is the most evil!

 I'm troubled!

Upon My Word!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cupcakes Quest

When I asked my husband, "Could you pay for my cupcake classes?".
As usual, he answered, "Hmmm, in April can..". And so as I do not want to wait for April as the class conductor will be away to Brisbane for the whole month, I paid an attended the class yesterday. It was worth my money spent. 

At 1.30pm , I reached at Kak Normah's abode. She stay in a massionette in Tampines. For somebody who do breads, cakes, and cookies for weddings and hari raya, her house was superbly clean, tidy and beautiful. I like it already. Her house was decorated y mini cuppies ceramics. Sweet!

The class was supposed to make me learn on how to make cupcakes from scratch. How the butter cakes was made to butter cream, royal icing and all sorts of decorations.

These are my beautiful chocolate butter cake. The tip to make it same size. Weigh every cup to the same weight. 

While waiting for all the cakes to finish baking, she served with with her home-made sausage rolls and walnut buns. It was delicious!
This was all the cakes I baked! There was 3 flavors altogether, Lemon cake, blueberry cake and chocolate.

Decorating Time !!!

I had to whisk the cream. (not me literally - the machine does it all). 2 types of cream , marshmallow butter cream and royal icing. ( i wonder why it was called royal? )

The piping method was the easiest for me. I love butter cream and I could play with a lot of colors.

 Not to forget , I made one for my Super Sleeper, Eena, ( I didnt have the space to put Sleeper )

The royal icing was a little challenging.

But this was the hardest! - Fondant. Trying to make a face needs the right color and utensils and a lot lot of creativity. 

All these cakes were ready by 5pm.

This was after "maghrib" ..

And all these at 9.30pm. That's right! I spent 8 hours making 38 standard size cupcakes and 17 mini cuppies. 

And then I was a happy girl, giving away my home made cupcakes to people I meet.

Presenting my cupcake creations for a beginner!
click image to enlarge

You want to learn too? 
Can.... Details below.

Cupcakes Class
You will learn how to make cupcakes and more! 2 most popular types of recipe will be given. Learn how to make royal icing and icing cream and the decoration methods. Bring home roughly 30 cupcakes home. Treat yourself to a day of indulging in cupcakes - from baking perfect cupcakes to making sumptuous buttercream and dabbling in sugarcraft.
Etc of class photos :

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Downturn & Upcomings

I have been keeping a secret.

Well here it is, I resigned for my job last month and my last day was the last 22nd February. I found it too stressful and it wasn't something I wanted to do again and again. And so I quit. 

I do not know if it was a wise decision but thinking that I have work for 11 years and have never stop and rest. Now would be the best time, it's just no the best in money sense and I do have bills to pay. 
Now, I am not actively looking for a job but actively baking in the kitchen and pursuing what I have always dream about doing.

To date I have baked:
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Honey Cornflakes
Cocoa Cornflakes
Strawberry Custart Tart
Ham, Mushroom & Cheese Mini Quiche

And then I have to bake Quiche Lorraine on Friday for Bhai Faris and family as he requested. Fried popiah skin today , and white chocolate cornflakes tomorrow.

It is very interesting to let people eat.

And well as I am unemployed now, I have given a proposal to Le Caire Events to set up Le Caire Wedding. The boss had agreed to let me run it. You won't know how glad I am. 

So I have been researching alot of wedding deco designs. Morrocon themes mostly. I would be busy! Being unemployed is even much busier that employed.

Here are some beautiful ideas for Le Caire Weddings.

It's just about putting my hands and feet to work now.

One very ery good news for me!

I have been offered to sign up for a Pastry Chef scholarship! It's a 17 months course and I would cross trains at hotels. - Hopefully I could get in. 

Pray for me for everything is smooth sailing and to be back in place.

Upon My Word!

Monday, March 1, 2010

To All My Dearest February Babies

Happy Birthday to me, one of the February babies.

It was quite a quiet month where Birthdays are not too over-whelmed. I love it mostly cause it makes me feel important on how I celebrated my own birthday this month.

As I do not have much birthday babies, I'm going to tell you how I celebrated it.. Exclusively!

First thing first. This is my February babies list.
6th Feb - Mohd Fadilla
It has been a tough year for you last year. But since you did turn 28 this year, I hoped that you grew stronger and wiser as ever. We, your friends has always been here to support. Never fail to make you laugh.
Happy Birthday - From your buddies!

9th Feb - Khusma Baker
Kak Kus! Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for your birthday treat drink! 

18th Feb - Eddie Idwar Noor
My eldest brother , I believe you are 10 years older than me and that makes you 38. Wah so old already!
Happy Birthday Bro!

And that's it! That was my list. 
I celebrated my birthday at RCA, a royal Thai club in Bangkok called Route66. And yes I promised you pictures but this is as much and as far I can let you see. :)

Happy Birthday Feb babies! Feb people are the best of all months, at least I thought so.

(it too me 3 hrs to finish up this blog as I'm watching 3 movies altogether. I watched Meet The Morgan, Leap Year and now finally My Best friend's Girlfriend. Movies drag me badly.)

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