Monday, March 1, 2010

To All My Dearest February Babies

Happy Birthday to me, one of the February babies.

It was quite a quiet month where Birthdays are not too over-whelmed. I love it mostly cause it makes me feel important on how I celebrated my own birthday this month.

As I do not have much birthday babies, I'm going to tell you how I celebrated it.. Exclusively!

First thing first. This is my February babies list.
6th Feb - Mohd Fadilla
It has been a tough year for you last year. But since you did turn 28 this year, I hoped that you grew stronger and wiser as ever. We, your friends has always been here to support. Never fail to make you laugh.
Happy Birthday - From your buddies!

9th Feb - Khusma Baker
Kak Kus! Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for your birthday treat drink! 

18th Feb - Eddie Idwar Noor
My eldest brother , I believe you are 10 years older than me and that makes you 38. Wah so old already!
Happy Birthday Bro!

And that's it! That was my list. 
I celebrated my birthday at RCA, a royal Thai club in Bangkok called Route66. And yes I promised you pictures but this is as much and as far I can let you see. :)

Happy Birthday Feb babies! Feb people are the best of all months, at least I thought so.

(it too me 3 hrs to finish up this blog as I'm watching 3 movies altogether. I watched Meet The Morgan, Leap Year and now finally My Best friend's Girlfriend. Movies drag me badly.)

Upon My Word!

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