Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cupcakes Quest

When I asked my husband, "Could you pay for my cupcake classes?".
As usual, he answered, "Hmmm, in April can..". And so as I do not want to wait for April as the class conductor will be away to Brisbane for the whole month, I paid an attended the class yesterday. It was worth my money spent. 

At 1.30pm , I reached at Kak Normah's abode. She stay in a massionette in Tampines. For somebody who do breads, cakes, and cookies for weddings and hari raya, her house was superbly clean, tidy and beautiful. I like it already. Her house was decorated y mini cuppies ceramics. Sweet!

The class was supposed to make me learn on how to make cupcakes from scratch. How the butter cakes was made to butter cream, royal icing and all sorts of decorations.

These are my beautiful chocolate butter cake. The tip to make it same size. Weigh every cup to the same weight. 

While waiting for all the cakes to finish baking, she served with with her home-made sausage rolls and walnut buns. It was delicious!
This was all the cakes I baked! There was 3 flavors altogether, Lemon cake, blueberry cake and chocolate.

Decorating Time !!!

I had to whisk the cream. (not me literally - the machine does it all). 2 types of cream , marshmallow butter cream and royal icing. ( i wonder why it was called royal? )

The piping method was the easiest for me. I love butter cream and I could play with a lot of colors.

 Not to forget , I made one for my Super Sleeper, Eena, ( I didnt have the space to put Sleeper )

The royal icing was a little challenging.

But this was the hardest! - Fondant. Trying to make a face needs the right color and utensils and a lot lot of creativity. 

All these cakes were ready by 5pm.

This was after "maghrib" ..

And all these at 9.30pm. That's right! I spent 8 hours making 38 standard size cupcakes and 17 mini cuppies. 

And then I was a happy girl, giving away my home made cupcakes to people I meet.

Presenting my cupcake creations for a beginner!
click image to enlarge

You want to learn too? 
Can.... Details below.

Cupcakes Class
You will learn how to make cupcakes and more! 2 most popular types of recipe will be given. Learn how to make royal icing and icing cream and the decoration methods. Bring home roughly 30 cupcakes home. Treat yourself to a day of indulging in cupcakes - from baking perfect cupcakes to making sumptuous buttercream and dabbling in sugarcraft.
Etc of class photos :

Upon My Word!

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