Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new life in me

I planned my life when I reach 25. I thought it was quite late but then again it's never to late to start somewhere right. 

I planned to get married at 26 which happened on 23rd August 2008, happily married to the man who turns my life around. We then decided to enjoy married life for about 2 years and planned for a start of a family. And to our delight, it went right according to plan.

After our 2nd wedding anniversary, we tried and I received such good news.

On 5th November , I bought a pregnancy test kit as I was late for my routine period. I was so happy yet so unsure if ot was real!

The test kit says I am pregnant. I thank Allah for the gift. It made both of us so happy, so much closer and probed that our love was ever-ly strong. But we decided to keep it a hush. We only told certain people and we avoid our parents so that they would not have to worry about me or even make me worry about me. I told my dearest sister of course and some close friends as they realise a drastic change in my lifestyle.

No smoking sheesha for me, no late nights and

And so I'm 9 weeks 5 days now and I'm going my all sort of test tomorrow and only god know how nervous I am. I hope that everything will go on smoothly for me and the baby. The concern hubby showed has been so exceptional. He had present me all his attention and care with no question asked.

Well wish me luck with the test and this happiness of mine will be shared.

Yay! I'm pregnant!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's New?

Dear Readers,

I hope you stumble upon my blog. But sad to see that it has not been updated.

I have been lost in the world of baking and technology.

A lot have asked on all my baking procedures and how I do it without any physical guidance and just a study from books, magazines and of course my fellow baking bloggers who have been generous with their tips.

I will feed all informations soon which most probably be in a different blog or should it be just in the same.

I'm still planning.

But if you have food for thoughts, please enlighten me.

Your sincerely,

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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Thursday Date

  Every Thursdays I have a date. An official dating day which falls on his only fixed off day and a day which is always not so crowded anywhere.

This is what happens on last Thursday.

That's the end of our date.

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


I got busy pleasing people. And I gave up cause I definitely do not know how to suck up! 

And so if that makes me the weakest link, by all means.

For that,I am undergoing a reinstitution. 

With a group of certain people ready for this project, I'm sure with all our knowledge and experiences and most importantly , talent, we could rock it!

I called it  Project Thousand Island '. 

A group of 6 people sat down one day at Victory to eat murtabak where we all got inspired and all of us wanted to do smoething old and something new.
I'm sorry but I can't kiss & tell.This project is sacred to us.

We have 4 months to prepare this project, if we could pull it off, we will set the project sky high!
I am so excited to see what is going to presented for Christmas.

Well that's just another phase of my life. 

Next chapter!

Last week, on the World Cup Final's day, I broke my darling's heart. Yup! I dropped it and it smashed and the lens now produces black borders when I shoot! That was the end of my 2 year old Nikon P60 camera. It was my first love combining digital with a DLSR look.

When everybody is going around and busy with the bulky and comparing "whose camera is better and more expensive". I was already contented with my P60.  I know the SLR shoots great pictures but after all these ae all still pictures to me. Its not like I'm into professional photography or something. I don't understand people carrying this buky and heavy camera to weddings and dinners or a trip down town. You dressed up so nicely to be posh so  I feel like these people are trying to outdo the professional cameraman out there. It's hilarious!

Back to basics, I was eyeing for those mini digital cameras again. Those which could slide it my pocket and out to snap anytime I want with no hassle lenses. With the technology so advance right now, I'm sure we could get a good quality lens digital camera which can shoot just as good.

For the past 6 months, I have been eyeing on the Olympus Tough series. i wanted something weather proof as I am gonna do a lot of travelling and capturing moments. And a little of my clumsiness so that even if the camera accidetally drops, it's still safe.

To my surprise, my husband, came home from his company's dinner and dance party with a present on his hand. Commonly I was just excited that he won something from the lucky draw and then he told he didn't. he won nothing this year. With his sheepish smile, he said that the present was for me.

I opened like a small kid at Christmas and VALA!

I got mt new Tough 3000 series in RED!!! My favourite colour. I tested and am very impress with the specs and modes. I found my new replacement!

Just you an me now, My Olympus.

No more cameras bigger than my clutch.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day today

Happy Fathers Day

How I wished my Papa is still around. 

Mohamed Noor Bin Mohd Ishak passed away when I was 16, when I was preparing for my 'O' Levels, dreaming of taking the adult world with him by my side the whole time. I remembered how my dream collapsed.

Let me tell you my story where the grass was never green before.

My mum ran away for good when I was only 9 months, leaving my 3 other sibling, 2 brothers and a sister to my dad. Being a man, he had to raised us on his own, work and makes sure we were safe. He wasn't that strong of a man where he was under a great influence of coke. He knew he could not keep me safe. He sent me away to my aunts place where my sibling will only follow me occasionally. I was already broken then.

I had 3 guardians in total, being me , I was cute and irresistable to parents who does not have kids or daughters. But they just couldn't keep up.Not because I was a bad kid, but my surroundings are ever changing..... ( paused..)

I'm sorry but I really could go on with my story with these tears in my eyes just remembering...

But maybe I will continue another day. 

But to note, all bad things that happen to me had made me a better person and the person I want to be today. I am very independent, strong and have always been positive.  

When I was 16, I told myself that I will take my dad, build us a home and live happily ever after once I step the working world, just the 3 of us with my sister. But Papa had heart attack on my Speech Day , 25th July 1998. My dream collapsed and I wasn't left with any back ups. I got lost. I rebelled! I didn't rest till 23. 

But now I have a new dream.

I have found happiness and will soon build my own family. I will make sure my family will always feel complete even when we are not filled with luxury.

I miss you papa.

That is papa and myself together with my ex-stepmother and ex-stepbrother

Happy Father's Day to my 1 and only father. My 'doa' is always with you.

On a good note I should work on making that family of mine.

We are married for 1 year and 10 months now. We have planned for a baby in 2011. If god is willing and all goes well, Insya'allah. 

I'm sure he will be a great dad - soon!

But first Bali and Amsterdam!

(P.S: I have been real busy)

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Specials

I did quite a bit on the Mother's Day weekend.

Unfortunately, I have no picture. I swore I carried my Nikon camera around but we all just forget to take pictures. 

Honestly, I'm in no mood of taking pictures due to the weight gain. The thyroid
 is kinda bringing my self esteem down a little. 

But nevertheless,  I'm always out to make people happy. 

And so I have decided to give my mum-in-law a treat.  A tribute to her for her unfailing duty to pamper us as much as she still could. She's a great cook, an understanding mother - panicky sometimes, fun to tease and most importantly she never ask for more. 

I knew how much she loves Le Caire Food, dad-in-law too. Being me, I would not want to dine there as I'm like there everyday. Their favorite dish was Mandhi Kharouf ( Baby lamb cooked with spice in rice ), a main course I had during my wedding. And so Cafe Le Caire it was. 

But before that, I had fun at home baking some Mother's day treats. I baked Cornflake Flats on Saturday - it's finished! , Hazelnut Surpirse - 2 bottles finished and 1/2 bottle left and white assorted bread on Sunday. 

I had fun. 

I took pictures of my creations though.

Almost everyone get to try it and their feedback was best ever. Thank you guys for your support and my husband for being the number 1 fan of my creations.

And back to my mother's day story.

We brought the family out shopping at the Eco Mall, City Square. I fell in love with that place. Not crowded, a lot of food and most importantly all the shops have reasonable pricings. Unlike ION Orchard, it's huge and the number of shops I go into is so limited. I am not a brand conscious. I don;t go around carrying and showing off that name. I hate it. I'm not saying I do not have any of them, I do, but it's definitely not something you carry around everyday. I'm very practical, simple and cheap! hahaha.

After shopping, we enjoyed a great feast at Cafe Le Caire, where our food was readily served right on time when we arrived ( it was pre-ordered of course! ). Little Zhafir was complaining that he was too hungry to carry on shopping and that when we called the Cafe and ordered. So easy when you have the menu at your finger tips. We were famished too by 7pm.

I enjoyed Mother's Day. I love making them happy and hoping that my future children felt the exact same way as I did.

P.S: A tribute to my sister too. It was her day but she cooked Crab Noodle on Sunday where we siblings slumber at West Coast, enjoying the movies and the rain and the Legendary Crab Noodle.

I  love all Mothers!

P.S.S: I promised more pictures in the future. Father's Day is next month!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rihlah Hadrami

Sometimes just pictures tells the story.

Venue: The National Library
Event : Rihlah Hadrami & Middle East Bazaar

If you have questions, drop me a mail. I'll be happy to answer.

Upon My Word!

Shaz & Mathathir Wedding

I was there to listen to her when they first met.

I was there to see she dressed up to go on a date with him.

I was there when they had a first phone fight.

And now we are all there for their wedding!

Congratulation Shaz & Mat.

May you guy be bless with a lot of babies.

We were quite amazed that a lot of "stars" were around. Mostly veterans. Wonder who they were related to.

It was fun to go to a wedding where people mind their own business. Stay in your group of love.

I'm going to have more weddings this weekend, 2 weekends from now and a lot in June, my sister in July and my best friend in October and a client in November.

And I'm sure I'm only going to enjoy 2 wedding out of 10. One , cause it's my sister and the other my best friend.

For those who is getting married this year - All the best and make yours a memorable one.

Upon My Word!

Be right Back

My updates are so long due. 

My readers are running out of articles to read. 

I promised 2 entries by tonight.

One would be an entry of th Rihlah Hadrami which I went to a week ago and the other is about weddings.

I'll go freshen up now and after dinner, I'll be ready with a fresh mind . 

Will be right back!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I miss Baking

It has been 2 weeks I'm at work. As much as I enjoy working at the new place, I greatly miss my baking sessions.

I finished my training and I'm good to go out on the field. Traveling soon - I hoped! I realize that I would be busy form Mondays to Fridays as I'm also packed with 3 wedding plannings. 1 in July and 2 in October. 

How do created the wedding cake? I wish I have 14 days in a week where 7 days are weekends!.

As I was lazing around in my room today, I was browsing through all my cook books. I seriously didn't realize that I have been collecting them since school days. I also kept a personal cook book which is more than 10 years. These are some of my collection which I was reading today.

Then again I realize that baking is not something new to me, it was a passions which has always been in me. From buying the ingredients, to mixing it and then present it to your love ones has always been a pleasurable experience. I remember that I would keep grumbling if I made something wrongly or it just won't turn out right. 

I miss baking.

I love how it kept me busy and how happy they were when I serve them with my treats. I accepted suggestions and criticisms openly just to make myself better.

Since I'm out of ingredients and and today seems to be a perfectly lazy Sunday and moreover nobody is home, I won't bother. 
But I'm prepared for next week. I'll most probably would be making brownies and cookies.

I will be back with more delicacies.

More Jalabiya updates soon! I have found really nice places to buy!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Japanese Ramen

I have been craving for Japanese Ramen for a while now. Sadly I could only find one and only halal certified Ramen shop here in Singapore - Ramen Ten. Since Ramen Ten dishes quality has gone absurdly bad, I decided to make my own servings. And so I googled! I only take recipes which are based on a lot of reviews and these is what I've picked up.

The Ramen I love most would be Beef Ramen cooked in beef broth and Spicy Chicken Ramen. I would share with you the recipe where the ingredients could easily be found at our nearby supermarkets like NTUC, Cold Storage, Market Place or Giant and Carrefour.

Spicy Beef Ramen Noodles ( Serves 2 )

Main Ingredients
2 sirloin / faux filet steaks
300g fresh ramen / egg noodles
4 spring onions
Half red onion
Handful bean sprouts ( Optional - As I hate these )
Handful coriander / cilantro
1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce

Soup Ingredients
1.5 litres chicken ( You may buy ready chicken broth if you like - less oily)
3 tablespoons chili sauce
5 tablespoons nam pla (Thai fish sauce)

  1. Mix the chili sauce and the nam pla in a bowl
  2. Heat the chicken stock in a pan and add the chili sauce and nam pla mix
  3. Finely chop the spring onions and the chili into fine strips. Finely cut the red onion into semi-circles
  4. Divide the noodles between two large soup bowls
  5. Finely chop the spring onions and the chili into fine strips. Finely cut the red onion into semi-circles
  6. Boil a kettle and blanch the bean sprouts in boiling water for 30 seconds. Then drain and rinse with cold water
  7. Divide the bean sprouts and chili between the two bowls
  8. Lightly coat the steaks in oil. Sear for 2 minutes on both sides. Baste with the teriyaki sauce. Then cover and rest for 2 minutes
  9. Slice the steaks into thin strips and divide them  between the two bowls and top with the chopped spring onions
  10. Quickly ladle the soup over. Garnish with coriander
This recipe is courtesy of Open Source Food.

Next I would like to share a Spicy chicken ramen recipe. You may top this with golden poach eggs if you like and it would be perfect!

Chilli Chicken Ramen ( Serves 4 )
Spicy noodle soup topped with chicken, beansprouts and spring onions

Chicken Marinade
 4 chicken breasts (I use boned chicken thighs because they are cheaper and more flavoursome)
2 tablespoons of sake (I skip this as this is not halal)
2 tablespoons Korean Chili paste (or any kind of red chilli paste - I use Thai red curry chilli paste)
2 teaspoons of sugar
1 teaspoon sesame oil
light soy sauce – enough to mix with ingredients above and coat the chicken.

Coat the chicken with marinade and leave for at least an hour in fridge.
Ramen Chili sauce.
1 bottle of hot chili sauce (not sweet chilli sauce)
20ml brown vinegar (3 tablespoons)
75ml Fish sauce (6tablespoons)
10g sugar (1 tablespoon)

Mix together well, make sure the vinegar is completely dispersed
Once mixed up, this stuff lasts forever in the fridge.

Chili Chicken Ramen

In addition to the above you will need
Chicken stock – 2 litres
Coriander (one clump)
One red Onion
4 Chilis
Fresh beansprouts ( Optional again! )
Lime wedges

I also add any of the following: mushrooms, sliced capsicum (red pepper), spring onions, lemongrass, ginger – all to boost nutrition value.

Heat the stock but don't let boil.
Boil two separate pots of water, about 500ml
Chop the vegies and the coriander.
Grill or Broil the chicken breasts.
When the chicken is done, slice the chicken.

Ingrediants that don't need boiling are: red onion, spring onions, coriander, lime and chopped chilli - set these aside.

Throw the beansprouts, mushrooms, lemongrass, capsicum into the boiling pot of water for about four minutes.

At the same time that the vegetables are boiling, boil the noodles according to the directions on the packet - time it so that they will be ready at the same time the vegetables are.

Pour one to two tablespoons of the chili sauce into the bottom of the four serving bowls.

Pour the stock, then add a bed of noodles into each bowl.

Drain the vegetables.

Layer the chicken on top of the noodles, add a chopped chili, a generous handful of coriander and a quarter of the assorted vegetables.

Serve with soy sauce and chilli oil to ramp up the heat if desired.
 Well for those who want to try Japanese and enjoy that weekend at home - Try it!

Trust me it's nothing like Maggie Mee or any instant noodles. hahahaha!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where I've been..

I've been busy.

I have to stop baking this week onwards cause I started working full-time. 

After waiting for 1 and a half month of reply, it finally paid off. I got as irresistible offer from a well known company in UK and USA which was set up by a Dutch. The pay was awesome, the working hours is reasonable. Apart from that I got 21 days of annual leave and as long as a public holiday falls on a weekend, the office will be close on Monday. Great perks! And since the company has only been set up 2 years in Singapore, I get to be a pioneer and after a year a senior. The best thing I love about it, I get to travel to other offices like the ones in Sydney, Amsterdam, Dubai and more. 

And so sadly my baking journey will pause for a while but I will definitely be back on weekends after training and after I manage to buy the new Chef Master Mixer.

More cupcakes this time - Definitely.

Thank you all my readers for still coming to check on my stories and I will update this more often after training ok!

Oh and if you are wondering which company I'm working for.. Hmmm. 

P.S: Guess what...

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 1st Accident

It was my day out with my girl friends. All pre-planned and booked at the Carousel. As I was picking up the food at the buffet counters, I heard my phone rang. I was faraway to answer it. As I reach my dining table the phone rang again. I thought it was just a random call my husband always make, to let me know that already at work. 

But it was different.

He called to inform me that he was in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. I thought he was sending someone to the hospital. But then he told me that Farhan's bike skidded while he was on his way to work and he flew off the bike. 

The food I was having wasn't tasty anymore. I got worried, wanting to leave my friends at the dinner table. But baby was so calm, saying that he did not have any major injuries and had asked me to stay wherever I was and he will keep me informed of whatever conditions.

After a few hours, we met. Thanks to Fadli who fetch him from the hospital. 

I was so worried for him. My husband has always been a careful driver even when he tries to speed. I've been with him for 6 years now and he has never met with an accident before , driving any car. It raged me when the accident is caused by a reckless rider. Anyone of you could die and nobody wants that. You all have your loved ones around and you would not want to leave them hanging just by being reckless. It's self-fish!

Alhamdullilah , everyone was ok.

And so let me show the injured pillon. :)

Yah.. He looks in pain? No he's not.. He's just tired of waiting at the hospital.

That was the time he met with the accident.

Though he flew quite a distance, He landed on his hands and knees but only 1 knee was badly hurt.

The accident summary.

I'm ok , seeing that he's ok. I just couldn't afford to see him hurt. He's my life.

To all drivers and riders, please make the roads a safer place.
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