Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Father's Day today

Happy Fathers Day

How I wished my Papa is still around. 

Mohamed Noor Bin Mohd Ishak passed away when I was 16, when I was preparing for my 'O' Levels, dreaming of taking the adult world with him by my side the whole time. I remembered how my dream collapsed.

Let me tell you my story where the grass was never green before.

My mum ran away for good when I was only 9 months, leaving my 3 other sibling, 2 brothers and a sister to my dad. Being a man, he had to raised us on his own, work and makes sure we were safe. He wasn't that strong of a man where he was under a great influence of coke. He knew he could not keep me safe. He sent me away to my aunts place where my sibling will only follow me occasionally. I was already broken then.

I had 3 guardians in total, being me , I was cute and irresistable to parents who does not have kids or daughters. But they just couldn't keep up.Not because I was a bad kid, but my surroundings are ever changing..... ( paused..)

I'm sorry but I really could go on with my story with these tears in my eyes just remembering...

But maybe I will continue another day. 

But to note, all bad things that happen to me had made me a better person and the person I want to be today. I am very independent, strong and have always been positive.  

When I was 16, I told myself that I will take my dad, build us a home and live happily ever after once I step the working world, just the 3 of us with my sister. But Papa had heart attack on my Speech Day , 25th July 1998. My dream collapsed and I wasn't left with any back ups. I got lost. I rebelled! I didn't rest till 23. 

But now I have a new dream.

I have found happiness and will soon build my own family. I will make sure my family will always feel complete even when we are not filled with luxury.

I miss you papa.

That is papa and myself together with my ex-stepmother and ex-stepbrother

Happy Father's Day to my 1 and only father. My 'doa' is always with you.

On a good note I should work on making that family of mine.

We are married for 1 year and 10 months now. We have planned for a baby in 2011. If god is willing and all goes well, Insya'allah. 

I'm sure he will be a great dad - soon!

But first Bali and Amsterdam!

(P.S: I have been real busy)

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