Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Specials

I did quite a bit on the Mother's Day weekend.

Unfortunately, I have no picture. I swore I carried my Nikon camera around but we all just forget to take pictures. 

Honestly, I'm in no mood of taking pictures due to the weight gain. The thyroid
 is kinda bringing my self esteem down a little. 

But nevertheless,  I'm always out to make people happy. 

And so I have decided to give my mum-in-law a treat.  A tribute to her for her unfailing duty to pamper us as much as she still could. She's a great cook, an understanding mother - panicky sometimes, fun to tease and most importantly she never ask for more. 

I knew how much she loves Le Caire Food, dad-in-law too. Being me, I would not want to dine there as I'm like there everyday. Their favorite dish was Mandhi Kharouf ( Baby lamb cooked with spice in rice ), a main course I had during my wedding. And so Cafe Le Caire it was. 

But before that, I had fun at home baking some Mother's day treats. I baked Cornflake Flats on Saturday - it's finished! , Hazelnut Surpirse - 2 bottles finished and 1/2 bottle left and white assorted bread on Sunday. 

I had fun. 

I took pictures of my creations though.

Almost everyone get to try it and their feedback was best ever. Thank you guys for your support and my husband for being the number 1 fan of my creations.

And back to my mother's day story.

We brought the family out shopping at the Eco Mall, City Square. I fell in love with that place. Not crowded, a lot of food and most importantly all the shops have reasonable pricings. Unlike ION Orchard, it's huge and the number of shops I go into is so limited. I am not a brand conscious. I don;t go around carrying and showing off that name. I hate it. I'm not saying I do not have any of them, I do, but it's definitely not something you carry around everyday. I'm very practical, simple and cheap! hahaha.

After shopping, we enjoyed a great feast at Cafe Le Caire, where our food was readily served right on time when we arrived ( it was pre-ordered of course! ). Little Zhafir was complaining that he was too hungry to carry on shopping and that when we called the Cafe and ordered. So easy when you have the menu at your finger tips. We were famished too by 7pm.

I enjoyed Mother's Day. I love making them happy and hoping that my future children felt the exact same way as I did.

P.S: A tribute to my sister too. It was her day but she cooked Crab Noodle on Sunday where we siblings slumber at West Coast, enjoying the movies and the rain and the Legendary Crab Noodle.

I  love all Mothers!

P.S.S: I promised more pictures in the future. Father's Day is next month!

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