Saturday, July 17, 2010


I got busy pleasing people. And I gave up cause I definitely do not know how to suck up! 

And so if that makes me the weakest link, by all means.

For that,I am undergoing a reinstitution. 

With a group of certain people ready for this project, I'm sure with all our knowledge and experiences and most importantly , talent, we could rock it!

I called it  Project Thousand Island '. 

A group of 6 people sat down one day at Victory to eat murtabak where we all got inspired and all of us wanted to do smoething old and something new.
I'm sorry but I can't kiss & tell.This project is sacred to us.

We have 4 months to prepare this project, if we could pull it off, we will set the project sky high!
I am so excited to see what is going to presented for Christmas.

Well that's just another phase of my life. 

Next chapter!

Last week, on the World Cup Final's day, I broke my darling's heart. Yup! I dropped it and it smashed and the lens now produces black borders when I shoot! That was the end of my 2 year old Nikon P60 camera. It was my first love combining digital with a DLSR look.

When everybody is going around and busy with the bulky and comparing "whose camera is better and more expensive". I was already contented with my P60.  I know the SLR shoots great pictures but after all these ae all still pictures to me. Its not like I'm into professional photography or something. I don't understand people carrying this buky and heavy camera to weddings and dinners or a trip down town. You dressed up so nicely to be posh so  I feel like these people are trying to outdo the professional cameraman out there. It's hilarious!

Back to basics, I was eyeing for those mini digital cameras again. Those which could slide it my pocket and out to snap anytime I want with no hassle lenses. With the technology so advance right now, I'm sure we could get a good quality lens digital camera which can shoot just as good.

For the past 6 months, I have been eyeing on the Olympus Tough series. i wanted something weather proof as I am gonna do a lot of travelling and capturing moments. And a little of my clumsiness so that even if the camera accidetally drops, it's still safe.

To my surprise, my husband, came home from his company's dinner and dance party with a present on his hand. Commonly I was just excited that he won something from the lucky draw and then he told he didn't. he won nothing this year. With his sheepish smile, he said that the present was for me.

I opened like a small kid at Christmas and VALA!

I got mt new Tough 3000 series in RED!!! My favourite colour. I tested and am very impress with the specs and modes. I found my new replacement!

Just you an me now, My Olympus.

No more cameras bigger than my clutch.

Upon My Word!

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