Sunday, April 18, 2010

I miss Baking

It has been 2 weeks I'm at work. As much as I enjoy working at the new place, I greatly miss my baking sessions.

I finished my training and I'm good to go out on the field. Traveling soon - I hoped! I realize that I would be busy form Mondays to Fridays as I'm also packed with 3 wedding plannings. 1 in July and 2 in October. 

How do created the wedding cake? I wish I have 14 days in a week where 7 days are weekends!.

As I was lazing around in my room today, I was browsing through all my cook books. I seriously didn't realize that I have been collecting them since school days. I also kept a personal cook book which is more than 10 years. These are some of my collection which I was reading today.

Then again I realize that baking is not something new to me, it was a passions which has always been in me. From buying the ingredients, to mixing it and then present it to your love ones has always been a pleasurable experience. I remember that I would keep grumbling if I made something wrongly or it just won't turn out right. 

I miss baking.

I love how it kept me busy and how happy they were when I serve them with my treats. I accepted suggestions and criticisms openly just to make myself better.

Since I'm out of ingredients and and today seems to be a perfectly lazy Sunday and moreover nobody is home, I won't bother. 
But I'm prepared for next week. I'll most probably would be making brownies and cookies.

I will be back with more delicacies.

More Jalabiya updates soon! I have found really nice places to buy!

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