Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shaz & Mathathir Wedding

I was there to listen to her when they first met.

I was there to see she dressed up to go on a date with him.

I was there when they had a first phone fight.

And now we are all there for their wedding!

Congratulation Shaz & Mat.

May you guy be bless with a lot of babies.

We were quite amazed that a lot of "stars" were around. Mostly veterans. Wonder who they were related to.

It was fun to go to a wedding where people mind their own business. Stay in your group of love.

I'm going to have more weddings this weekend, 2 weekends from now and a lot in June, my sister in July and my best friend in October and a client in November.

And I'm sure I'm only going to enjoy 2 wedding out of 10. One , cause it's my sister and the other my best friend.

For those who is getting married this year - All the best and make yours a memorable one.

Upon My Word!

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