Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where I've been..

I've been busy.

I have to stop baking this week onwards cause I started working full-time. 

After waiting for 1 and a half month of reply, it finally paid off. I got as irresistible offer from a well known company in UK and USA which was set up by a Dutch. The pay was awesome, the working hours is reasonable. Apart from that I got 21 days of annual leave and as long as a public holiday falls on a weekend, the office will be close on Monday. Great perks! And since the company has only been set up 2 years in Singapore, I get to be a pioneer and after a year a senior. The best thing I love about it, I get to travel to other offices like the ones in Sydney, Amsterdam, Dubai and more. 

And so sadly my baking journey will pause for a while but I will definitely be back on weekends after training and after I manage to buy the new Chef Master Mixer.

More cupcakes this time - Definitely.

Thank you all my readers for still coming to check on my stories and I will update this more often after training ok!

Oh and if you are wondering which company I'm working for.. Hmmm. 

P.S: Guess what...

Upon My Word!

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