Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 1st Accident

It was my day out with my girl friends. All pre-planned and booked at the Carousel. As I was picking up the food at the buffet counters, I heard my phone rang. I was faraway to answer it. As I reach my dining table the phone rang again. I thought it was just a random call my husband always make, to let me know that already at work. 

But it was different.

He called to inform me that he was in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. I thought he was sending someone to the hospital. But then he told me that Farhan's bike skidded while he was on his way to work and he flew off the bike. 

The food I was having wasn't tasty anymore. I got worried, wanting to leave my friends at the dinner table. But baby was so calm, saying that he did not have any major injuries and had asked me to stay wherever I was and he will keep me informed of whatever conditions.

After a few hours, we met. Thanks to Fadli who fetch him from the hospital. 

I was so worried for him. My husband has always been a careful driver even when he tries to speed. I've been with him for 6 years now and he has never met with an accident before , driving any car. It raged me when the accident is caused by a reckless rider. Anyone of you could die and nobody wants that. You all have your loved ones around and you would not want to leave them hanging just by being reckless. It's self-fish!

Alhamdullilah , everyone was ok.

And so let me show the injured pillon. :)

Yah.. He looks in pain? No he's not.. He's just tired of waiting at the hospital.

That was the time he met with the accident.

Though he flew quite a distance, He landed on his hands and knees but only 1 knee was badly hurt.

The accident summary.

I'm ok , seeing that he's ok. I just couldn't afford to see him hurt. He's my life.

To all drivers and riders, please make the roads a safer place.
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  1. Chanced upon your blog and read about your husband's first accident. I am glad he is well and the injury was not that serious. I totally agree with your call to drivers and riders out there to be responsible. An accident can happen in a split second but the effects may last a lifetime or even cost a life. Be safe always.