Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Downturn & Upcomings

I have been keeping a secret.

Well here it is, I resigned for my job last month and my last day was the last 22nd February. I found it too stressful and it wasn't something I wanted to do again and again. And so I quit. 

I do not know if it was a wise decision but thinking that I have work for 11 years and have never stop and rest. Now would be the best time, it's just no the best in money sense and I do have bills to pay. 
Now, I am not actively looking for a job but actively baking in the kitchen and pursuing what I have always dream about doing.

To date I have baked:
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Honey Cornflakes
Cocoa Cornflakes
Strawberry Custart Tart
Ham, Mushroom & Cheese Mini Quiche

And then I have to bake Quiche Lorraine on Friday for Bhai Faris and family as he requested. Fried popiah skin today , and white chocolate cornflakes tomorrow.

It is very interesting to let people eat.

And well as I am unemployed now, I have given a proposal to Le Caire Events to set up Le Caire Wedding. The boss had agreed to let me run it. You won't know how glad I am. 

So I have been researching alot of wedding deco designs. Morrocon themes mostly. I would be busy! Being unemployed is even much busier that employed.

Here are some beautiful ideas for Le Caire Weddings.

It's just about putting my hands and feet to work now.

One very ery good news for me!

I have been offered to sign up for a Pastry Chef scholarship! It's a 17 months course and I would cross trains at hotels. - Hopefully I could get in. 

Pray for me for everything is smooth sailing and to be back in place.

Upon My Word!

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