Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A new life in me

I planned my life when I reach 25. I thought it was quite late but then again it's never to late to start somewhere right. 

I planned to get married at 26 which happened on 23rd August 2008, happily married to the man who turns my life around. We then decided to enjoy married life for about 2 years and planned for a start of a family. And to our delight, it went right according to plan.

After our 2nd wedding anniversary, we tried and I received such good news.

On 5th November , I bought a pregnancy test kit as I was late for my routine period. I was so happy yet so unsure if ot was real!

The test kit says I am pregnant. I thank Allah for the gift. It made both of us so happy, so much closer and probed that our love was ever-ly strong. But we decided to keep it a hush. We only told certain people and we avoid our parents so that they would not have to worry about me or even make me worry about me. I told my dearest sister of course and some close friends as they realise a drastic change in my lifestyle.

No smoking sheesha for me, no late nights and

And so I'm 9 weeks 5 days now and I'm going my all sort of test tomorrow and only god know how nervous I am. I hope that everything will go on smoothly for me and the baby. The concern hubby showed has been so exceptional. He had present me all his attention and care with no question asked.

Well wish me luck with the test and this happiness of mine will be shared.

Yay! I'm pregnant!
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