Monday, May 9, 2011

Pregnant at 30 weeks!

I was blog hopping when I realize that my blog have been deserted by myself for months now. The last update was the news that I got pregnant which I could not believe myself.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant now and that's like 10 weeks to go which I can safely say approximately 2 months before I burst out. This pregnancy has been nothing but a smooth journey so far. My hormone changes was not that drastic as I expected it to be. My weight gain is less than 10 kgs and as i calculated correctly I only gain 5 kg.

My 1st scan was at 18 weeks when I first really believe for real that I was really pregnant. I didnt have any preganancy symptoms such as morning sickness or cravings. I live my days like I always had.

 I remembered when the ultrasound lady was just looking at the screen and I got nervous and asked her " are you really seeing a tiny baby in my womb right now? " And she was  like " of course, I'm just taking the pictures first.. "
" So i'm really pregnant! Wow.. "

And so here is is the baby at 18 weeks. Amazing!

And then came the day when I first feel it kicks. I was lying down, preparing for bed and for the 1st time I feel it kick. This was such an exciting moment and I wanted to experience it in every possible way. First flutters was 2 series of 4s.  I slept smiling that night.

Well that's just it for now. I shall continue this story another. Penning down my pregnancy experience would be the best memory I would  ever remember it.

Till again.

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