Monday, January 25, 2010

My countdown!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

5 more days to go and I can't wait to step outside of my country and experience Bangkok. I'm turning 28 and this is my first trip to Bangkok. Can you believe that? Yah.. I'm might be very much off hand but at least now I made it! ( smiles! )

I asked around a lot on places to go, what to eat and what to really look out for . I really want to spend a joyful 5 days in there with all my friends and I'm so excited to celebrate my birthday in Bangkok. They keep telling me that I would keep on spending there and sometimes the money we bring is not enough so it's best to keep spares. I wonder if I'm going to finish SGD$1000 in 5 days there. I doubt it but who knows. I could be a real spender.

6 of us , Hyder & myself , Justin & Eileen , Dicky & Farah ( whom decided to come the very last minute ) will all be staying at theWestin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel. And of course it would be at a staff, family and friend rate. It only cost us THB$1670 a night! A real good deal . Located at the Sukhumvit Road itself, this hotel is very accessible to almost anywhere.

This hotel is just next to a BTR station ( something like a MRT ) so traffic would not stop us!

All my friends say, "Do not miss The Platinum Mall" , it's heavenly.. I wonder how heavenly would it be.

This mall is huge, they say. So this would be my target and I think this is where most of money would go to. Next would be..

This is what I would look out for every holiday. A warm massage to detox and rejuvenate myself. It would enhanced the whole trip features. Shop, shop, shop then relax.

This is the Chatuchak market and this is the reason why I insisted to go on the weekend even though my birthday was on a Tuesday. The weekend had great bargains. I would not want to miss this.Indefinitely!

My husband will not be alive if his addiction is not around. Other than e of course (hah! ) , would be a place for him to hang out, have coffee and sheesha. Boss had recommended Soi Arab.

Justin insisted that we should try the 80cents worth coffee in Bangkok too. It so aromatic that you can never believe it's worth.

With a full 5 days itinerary in Bangkok, I wonder if I could enjoy seeing the sunset there.

I want to mesmerize myself! Bangkok, here we come!

To Baby, Eileen, Justin, Farah and Dicky. Thank you for making this trip possible. I would most probably be lost without you guys around.

Upon My word!

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