Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Eyes

It is the weekend already.

Wireless@sg has been down for a few days in Arab street and that has stopped me from blogging for a few days.

I could not do it ( blog)  at home cause, I was too tired to log in after the jogs and I have been having dinner out. :)

For the past 4 days, I have been having this eye infection a.k.a "tembel". My friends and colleagues had suggested so many things like:

Tie a black string on your middle finger ( left hand if your eye infections is on your right - vice versa )

Take hot rice, cover it with handkerchief and dab on your eyes.

And finally my doctor said .. " you have to use eyedrop and hot compress on your eyes morning and night. "

I thought it was quite silly to tie that black string which my PDL insist on it and nothing happen but infect in got worse on the 3rd day.  My eyes was like 3/4 swollen in the morning on Friday and you tell me - how should I see?
Doctor did suggested me a minor surgery to remove the sty but hell NO! Nobody is getting thru anywhere near my eyes.

My eyes are all better today. I could put on make up already. No more pale look!

I went to a wedding today. A dear friend of my , Fai and Lovee's dear cousin, Redha. I took pictures of the georgeous couple, but left early to not see their 2nd outfit. Lovee has got to work.

 But not to worry, I will definitely give a story on these Bollywood couple.

Upon My Word!

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