Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Your Point?

I have deleted about a total of more that 100 "not-friend" friends in Facebook on which I had a particularly good reason of doing so.

It's shook me when I realized that I barely know all these more that 100 people and wondered why they are in my Facebook. I seriously would not mind if I was really interested in social-networking.  But all these people whom I do not know, could see my status, my updates and my photos. This could also create a lot of spams in my registered email inbox.

The particular reason on why I need to be so peculiar is that one morning around 7am, my parents in law got a call form this anonymous person saying that she is from an organization tracking muslims who are off limits.

They or she found all these information in Facebook. She (together with the person whispering behind her) told both my parents in law that Eena had converted to Christianity. That statement was too absurd! She said that Eena has lost her way in life and told my parents in law to learn how to use Facebook to track on their children. Does this makes sense?
She also said that the pictures that Eena had posted was obscene. They said more things on the phone. No more details which I could typed out. She asked my parents in law to log in onto Eena's Facebook account during the call to see it.

The thing is Eena had deleted all her pictures 2 weeks ago before that call.

My dad-in-law made a smart move asking her which organization and give her office address so that they could come for counseling. She quickly said that there was no need for her to give him her address but he would need to give him his address instead so that she could come and counsel Eena.

Who would do this absolute nonsense move?
Were these people angry that they are unable to see Eena life picture anymore?
Why is their point then?

I wonder. To these people who made that call, please be mature and come foward to tell us your point of doing that. Even if somebody converted, it's between them and god. What is your point of waking them up at 7am?

GET A LIFE and STOP being a busy body! You are even creating more sin for yourself - "FITNAH"

Upon My Word!

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