Tuesday, January 26, 2010


January is ending soon. I just thought that I had just celebrated New Year last week. I was sitting down and pondering of my goals this year. Was it possible for me to make it all happen again or was I too bad and God's decided not to be good to me.

What happen last year was a flash in my head. I had no idea. lost myself in the midst of doing don't-know-what! I ponder more and more. I know I have listed this before but I just want to mark up why things are not going as plan and since it is the beginning of the year, it's the best time to do time tracking.

Nothing much came true last year except for the achievement I left Starhub and got into Starwood Hotels. This is my first time exploring the hospitality industry and yes, it's tough! with 1000 hotels to remember - I thought I could never make it.

I planned get to go to Dubai or any middle east country but not , I didn't get my car licence, lost my baby, didn't get my culinary diploma as I was finacially stuck during enrollment, infected with HFMD. I felt that I somehow fail as a whole person. It was a terrible year. Nonetheless, It would only make me work harder.

And I hope, hoped hard that this year would be better, brighter and clearer.
My wishlist for 2010 is a goal to see if I am able to achieve this things by your generousity ( which is better la ) or my hardwork.. And more over my birthday is coming in Feb, so (ehem! ehem!) you guys know what to do..

Gift Wishlist:
1 ) New phone with a decent camera most prefably the Samsung one.
2 ) Casio Exilim mini camera cost $279 only!!
3) Bvlgari Omnia Amethyst perfume
4) Hot Pink with Gold lining Adidas watch cost $115
5) A good pair of flops
6) Long Champ bag
7) Beautiful fabrics
8) Shopping vouchers - I like!!
9) Shopping vouchers x 5
10) Shopping vouchers x 10

An additional to my wishlist as i went for window shopping..

11) Quicksilver leather bag - which looks damn awesome lah!
12) A nice silver cham bracelet - Tiffanny ( what else! )

These giftlist will save my shopping spree for this year.. Mwahahahahah! I have covered my travel plans for 2010 on which I'm going to Bangkok and Bali, pending on Phuket and Bandung. Ooh.. so exciting covering bits of Asia this year.

Goals 2010:
1 ) Car driving licence
2 ) Airline ticket for trip to Mexico
3 ) $$$ for Trip to Middle east ( Saving that money for 2011 )
4 ) 5 custom made galabiyas designed by mua!
5 ) Visit to Bandung factories with friends.
6 ) A year of couplehood again ( if you know what mean )
7 ) Lose 10kg in 3 months ( lotsa determination )
8 ) Sign up for a course.
9 ) Plans for Yannie's wedding event successfully
10) Present Love a memorable birthday trip.

Most importantly the 10kg fats has to be gone by March! And I really hope to win that photo competition so I could win that unique Leica camera.

Let see if I'm able to cover most of it in 2010.. Wish me luck for the wishlist.Now working on the timeline.

Life is tough!

Upon My Word!

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