Saturday, January 9, 2010

Which one?

I was checking my e-mails and i cam across a Long Champ subscribe mailer.

One word caught my eye.


And yes, I've always like to buy customized Long Champ bags. It has my personal touch, let me choose my choice of colors, sizes, lengths ans the part I like most - my initials.


And so I started mix-matching. I've learn my lesson on never ever to choose white. I chose white and pink center on my last customized purchased and the stains on the white area never go off!

Which one should I choose?

My favorite canvas, Red and Brown this time with gold zips and buttons. And of course with my name embroided on it. This would cost only USD$135.
This piece would be a unique one as I have never seen this type used downtown.

This would be full leather and embossed intials. I chose my favorite Black with pink.
This would cost USD$450.

Hmmm... Splurge for  me.

I feel that every girl should own a Long Champ. The simplest and cheapest canvas.

Have you had yours?

Upon My Word!

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