Monday, January 4, 2010


I was invited by Sila Danials to meet up for a small sweet girls gathering. I was more than delighted to accept the invitation.

As we were agreeing on the time and venue via Facebook inbox, Zilah Ray came out with a clause that we should not touch on the size and weight issues. We were relatively happy. I was struck. I thought that it was such a good clause. :)

I noticed and observed that every time there was such school meet ups , unknowingly people just want to show/know what and how others become. I strongly agree that this theory would be very wrong.

Reunions : A gathering of the members of a group who have been separated for quite some time.

This is to meet up with your old chums which most of us had missed out on all the fun we had together when we were younger. There was no need to be somebody you are not - really! As a member of the group, we should be happy to see each other again and greatly appreciate each others presence.

I have always tried to avoid these questions:
 Hey, how are you?
Good! Yourself?
I'm great/okay..
Where are you working now? Married? Kids?
Blah Blah Blah..
I see!
Long silence................................................

You just have nothing to continue anymore.. I hate that. Where was the moments when we could talk about anything under the sun. I missed that sometimes. Only a few of my friends would actually share their life stories and others are too busy creating one to tell.

Funny how that only a bunch are truthfully honest.

Well, indefinitely I know that this bunch I'm meeting up with are as crazy as they were. Glad to know that we are still sensible enough to know that life is too short to pretend and brag.

That is it!

Life was just too short.

Enjoy it while it last.

Appreciate what we have.

Friends are hard to come by and there is no reason we should compare or start the race. I will be looking foward to that gathering.

See you girls soon!

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