Friday, January 1, 2010

First Step

It's 1st Jan 2010 already.
Here I am creating a new blog, wanting to track myself down for this whole year and maybe years to come. Like others I have plans, dreams and goals.
This would be a good source of vomitting out my thoughts and to kill all these free time I'm going to have.
 I am still comtemplating on whether I should make this publish?

I'm trying to list out the rational reason on why I'm starting these again.

  1. Firstly, eversince I started my new job in Starwood, I have a lot of time to myself. It has been 5 months now and god knows what I'm doing- Slumbering

  2. Since I have a lot of itineraries this year in 2010, I was thinking of sharing it or keep all these memories for my reading pleasure only. I read my past blog and I was smiling or eager trying to indulge in reminiscence.

  3. Cafe Le Caire had included me in theire social group as a committe member. Which means they require me to blog more and socialise more .. eergh..

Well I guess this is why I'm starting to write again. I've always wanted to be a writer/ reviewer. Food critique maybe. Wished to be one by 35. Maybe it is possible. I'll will definitely work that one out.

And so here goes my ranting..

To date I weigh 73kg on which I lost 1kg in 3 the past days and on which also I gained from 63kg when I got married in Aug 2008. I have a serious weight issue right now which have stopped me from cam whoring. Seriously!

And so I had a bet with my best friend Yannie though I seriously think that she is not fat but her fiance does think so, that we will have a target to lose by March 2010. The bet was , who became the biggest loser wins a surprise treat.

That bet started today. Yes I am watching my diet at this very moment. I had 4 slices of bread for brunch as I woke up at 12pm and I am not hungry eversince. It does makes a big difference as I am a 1 hourly muncher.

Well I am really hoping to be 63 again by March this year to fit in all the sexy dresses I'm going to try on.

I bought this pocket mag, Walking Fit and this is a truly perfect magazine for those who don't run. Walk off your belly fat they say. You can actually lose 2 sizes waist  in 1 month just by walking 20 mins a day. And of course you still have to control your diet still.

I'm trying this method and If you see me in the sexy dress, you know it works!

Upon My word!

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