Friday, January 29, 2010

To All my Dearest January Babies

As we all know that January is ending as so this year I'm wrapping up all the presentation to one. :)

To some that i did forget to wish, I truly apologize - Many Many! I'm sure you will have a blast with your loved ones and families. If there was anyone who celebrated alone, I apologize that I'm not there to cheer you up.  Babies.

Bu Roon - 3rd Jan
I seriously do not know how old you are this year. But I'm really sorry as I really forget about it. But not too worry, your present will be on your way!

Farah Aj a.k.a Faradiba - 3rd January. 
Wow! You've turned 32 this year. But always young at heart right? I know. 
Happy Birthday Dear Friend and may this year be a good one and always will be.

Norin Manaf - 3rd January
Hey old schoolmate! Happy 28! It's been decades since we met but I'm sure we will meet soon.

Norsuzy Yanty - 4th Jan
I'm glad you get to spend it with you loved hubby and enjoyed your holiday in Bangkok. 
Happy 24 and may you have your baby whenever you want it ok. No pressure. We might want to go holiday together someday!

Nur Izyan Rosli - 7th Jan
My favourite niece of all time. Every year you reminded me that you are 10 years younger than me. Darn!
18 this year and you have taken the big step. Congratulations. May you get your dental cert ok.
Love you Gombal!

Roze A Wahab - 22nd Jan
Hapy birthday Girlfiend. may you achieve what you plan this year!

Shaz Rahman - 22nd Jan
Shazzzzz.. I'm always happy to see you. Next time I go GUESS and buy something you give me that discount ok.. Haha.. Love you always! I know you are busy with the wedding this April. I pray that everything would go smoothly. So any color theme for us. Please don't choose white again ok.

Zhafeer Khan - 22nd Jan
Well my little boy, I know you can't ready this but this is for me to remember. I'm yet to buy you that dinosaur book you've asked for. No more toys or clothes for you. You got too many of them! It's time you have to study most of the time and put your transformers aside.

Afj Rapan a.k.a Pipi - 23rd Jan
It's your BIG 30 this year. Be happy always with your family!

Jenna Jan a.k.a Zana - 23rd Jan
Happy 27th Birthday! It was your big day as you got engaged . The pictures tells that you had hell lot of fun. Who will not? Got engaged to your love one and celebrate your birthday at the same time. And together with your new job. Watsons ould be different w/o you as everytime I see Watson, it reminded me of you.May you be blessed with all the good things in life this year and ever!

And last but not least!

My bitchiest sis-in-law, most highly gossiped about and the biggest bummer I've ever seen!

Haseena Khatoon a.k.a My Khatoon Network. - 27th Jan
You turned 24. Like I said this is the year you should plan your future on where it is going. And you will be perfect by 27 and get married. hahahaha.
Happy Birthday My B***h! May you be happy with that lost child. hah!
Hope you like the muffins and brownies I personally baked for you at Famous Amos. And the time spend at Swensen with that C.U.T.E guy around.


That was my January birthday list. What a long one and it's only JANUARY!!! I have like 11 more months to go. But , I will always be happy doing this. - The place for profile layouts, flash generators, glitter graphics, backgrounds and codes
 Happy Birthday Everyone! It gets Crazier each year!
Since I'm going to be away tomorrow, my blog would not be updated for 6 days. But I will certainly update all my readers the juices of Bangkok once I'm back.
Please so miss me ok! Love you all! :)

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