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Bangkok 5 day Experience

Sawadeeka ~ Welcome

My first entry of February would of course be about my birthday and the most recent first trip with my friends and family to Bangkok.

As promised, here are the juices.

I had just finished choosing the pictures wisely to place in my blog. No matter how I wanted to minimize the number, I just could not. There was too much to share. 

It all started on 30th January 2010.


I woke up at 5am to go to the airport of which I slept at 3.30am. I was excited, nervous ( I always have jitters when I take the plane ), sleepy, tired and just recovered. I had a 7.10am flight. The time where most people are really groggy. It was my first time flying Tiger Airways. It was a 1 dollar cheap deal ticket which I got and so why not! It gets me to the destination anyway.

It was my first time seeing a Thailand immigration card so.. "Jakun lah" !

And when we finally arrived.. I was like.. " B.. We are finally in Bangkok! I can't believe it!!! "
Take picture please.. :)
Right after immigration we hailed a cab and check in to the hotel . I was so hungry! Our GPS, Justin and Eileen brought me to Soi 11, Tom Yum and "Halal" beef balls I could never forget.. So yummy.

This is the hotel we checked in for 5 days and 4 nights. Who would not want to stay in 5-star ? The service was not great though. They were grouchy. It was not comparable to Westin Langkawi at all.


 I actually don't know what is the name of this restaurant but what I know is they serve great phad thai and located at Sukhumvit Soi 11. I really love the settings. We get to sit down on the floor with cushion like "kampong". It was really a good introduction as it gives me a brand new perception of Tom Yum.

We were then introduced to a drink called chai-yan ( for ice tea ) and cafe-yan ( for ice coffee ). It's made of really thick tea or coffee, mixed with condensed milk, sugar and evaporated milk. The Thais were really generous with their amount of milk in that drink which makes that drink really sweet but its mixed with 1 cup of the drink to 2 cups of ice and so it makes it taste awesome!

This was our favorite for 5 days and it only cost 15baht ~ 65cents (SGD) 

We then explored all Bangkok shopping center by taking their BTS ( like our LRT in Singapore ) and I love The Dining Paradise at Paragon. I could not resist anything they were selling. The Gourmet Market was so huge and I was surprised that I bought about 10 items and it only cost me about SGD$12. You can never, able to spend that amount at NTUC with 10 items for $12 unless you are buying sweets.

We ended our day by an hour of foot, head and shoulder massage at Asian Herbs Spa, where all the guys were snoring away and we could not really enjoy the serene atmosphere and after that eating seafood where I was quite terrified as the dogs were actually running around us. It's a norm in Thailand.

Day 2

We woke up at 9am to go to the weekend only market Chatuchak. This place is already bustling in the morning. We had breakfast and then started to go for a shopping spree. I got to know that we could order and customize our furniture there and they are able to ship it back to Singapore and all these at a low cost. We could also asked them to replicate designer furniture and so we so not have to spend so much on the brand. How lucky of me to know. I could make my house look like a million dollar - BAHT. haha

The street food in Chatuchak was many. Too many!

We spent about 5- 6 hours there as that place is so huge and when you shop, I don't think you could realize that the times flies there.

After a long day of walking, we then go to Asian Herbs Spa and have our sensual 2 hr massage and scrub. It's so cheap that we actually go there everyday. 

A foot, head and shoulder massage cost THB$350 ~ SGD$14 while a pure oil masage cost THB$750 ~ SGD$30  per hour. 

Rejuvenated , we then head back to our hotel, rest and got ready for dinner.

We happen to attend the motor bike show. So many bikes and beers.

Justin then brought us to Soi Cowboy to see the cheap lane of girls. Something like our red like district. Dodgy!

Tired from shopping and exploring, we ended day 2 with cocktails and mocktails at the Westin Zest lounge.

Day 3

Sister finally arrived. She was even more excited than I was. 

We went to shop at The Platinum mall which is a wholesale place where when you buy a lot, it's much much cheaper.

I bought a lot of accessories for everyone, shoes, bags and clothes. It was quite hard to find my size though as all their sizes are small but it was worth buying any other stuffs like slippers, shoes, bags and even bikinis.

It would not be complete for me if we do not get a tuk tuk ride. And so with a good bargain plus a pack of cigarette we head back to our hotel to get ready for the party that night.

Our Tuk Tuk moment.

We all then went for massage again.

All ready, handsome, beautiful and nice. We had dinner at a highly recommended egyptian restaurant - Nefertiti

And after dinner, we head to RCA for the party in posh.. The clubs were all so hip and cool. So cozy and comfortable. They have restrooms like the queens would have. We clubbed at Route 66.

Here are some sneaks of the party as most others are censored. hahaha

Day 4

By Day 4, we were tired. Very tired. So day 4 was a relax day for us. Have light shopping, massage and manicure and pedicure. With no make up, casual wear, we walk all around.

Day 5

It was our last day in Bangkok. I do not want to leave but we all had too. Our pocket were getting dryer each day by all that shopping and food and most beloved Chai-yan.

In conjunction of my birthday, unknowingly and surprisingly , Eileen gave us a treat at one of the best Thai restaurant. Scrumptious, delicious - you name it!

The menu.
We then take a walk around that street and found a lot of interesting stuffs. I spent my last few bahts and off to the airport.

Tired but contented.

I had fun!

 To my lovee darling who was happy for me that I get to choose my vacation destination this time round. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you to my ladies for being there for my birthday. Eileen for being my GPS and to fight back with the boys - I needed that! Farah for celebrating for me and being who you are - Bimbo. i enjoyed it.


Kap kun ka..

P.S: if you want to view all the pictures, you may view in my facebook. Friends only.
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