Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wild Wild Suprise

Last Saturday , I went down to Wild Wild Wet with Love. We used to be regular patrons there but ever since we parted for work, WWW was neglected. February is my birthday month and birthday babies gets to go in for free! Why not use the privilege?
And so we woke up at noon and reach Downtown East about 2pm for lunch. When the sun was really high up, it was a great day for me to catch up on my tanning sessions. I love tanning as it give my body a glow and even tones. 

Here I am all oiled up!

I wasn't that tan though but I just love the process of doing it. I never liked being fair. 

Hyder had his swim he had been longing for. He kept asking me to go but I had always rejected it. But since I'm on leave, might as well fulfil his wish before he's going to have a haircut for his reservist in March.

He was playing with his waterproof vcam till the cam suddenly went bonkers. There goes my $799 ..

I did not exactly swim that day. All I did was lazing around with the air float enjoying the hot sun. I lazed at Tsunami and the Syiok River. And lastly was the waterfall jacuzzi.. Awesome!

Never ever go to the beach or swimming without Pringles. It's the best thing to have compared to sandwiches or fatty "nasi lemak".

At around 5.30, we ended our lazing pool session. I really hate having to take my shower at the Bikini Bay where most of the places are wet. Thank god there was not too many people, I manage to get a dry changing area. But make up was still done in the car. I didn't want to risk it at Bikini Bay.

Me, all dolled up by the time we reach ECP. Love brought me to Peninsular to get his latest collection of Gamma Ray DVD. He was so happy to get it , he get so careful with it. 

We then had our dinner at Komalas. I used to like eating there, Bhatura is my favourite meal. But the standard of food totally drop at Komalas. They gave us a microwaved hot Idly and Vadai which get totally cold after 5 min on the table. And Hyder had ordered Naan which comes from an instant Naan box. And the Bhatura dough was not that fluffy anymore. 

Dissapointment to Komalas!

And of course i suggested to go to the nearest shopping mall which is Raffles. Quite a number of sales gooing on but I did not buy anything as money was recently splurged in Bangkok.

But I could not resist buying chocolates from Cocoa Trees. And I enjoyed the scenery of good food.

Love on the other hand, was more excited about the letter "H"

Lastly, we always ended our day at the Cafe. So after Raffles, we proceed to the cafe as usual. As I sat down, I was surprised by Syafiq and Love with a birthday cake. I was shocked! My birthday ended 5 days ago and because I did not follow the tradition of cutting the cake at the cafe this year, they relive it for me. How Sweet!

There I was shamelessly blowing of the 28th candle! Didnt realize I got so old!

And then a 2nd surprse came. Fadli and Ziana came popping from the back giving me the adorable present!
An Aldo watch with changeable straps. i adore it!

It was nice cake sharing and it was my first time cutting a Mango cake for my birthday. Strange but nice.
Thank you Love and Syafiq for the unexpected surprise.

And so I went back collating all the present I got!

The ones I received and thank you all for your thoughts! I celebrate my birthday for the whole month and so I'm still open for more presents. :)

Don't be shy to give cause I would not be shy to receive. Hahahaha.

Upon My Word!

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