Sunday, February 14, 2010

Super Bored-NESS!!

It's really a boring day for me today. 

I woke up 12pm on which the alarm had snooze since 10.30am , had lunch. It was a delicious Macaroni Lamb soup which my mum-in-law had cooked. Then watched TV - I see crap , turned on my Facebook and played Bejeweled - got bored. My husband went to work at 4pm in which he will come back only at 2am and then continued my movie marathon till now when I decided to write about my dreadful un-exiting day.

This is one of the days I feel like I want to just stay in my room , watch unconditionally sad romantic movies and cry, wondering if life would be any better. 

I have those days where its really mundane. But I didn't! Instead I watched a horror movie : Drag Me to Hell and an old time favorite : School of Rock. I'm still waiting for Eena who is frying her nibbles now to watch another movie with me - Couples Retreat. I waited for her since 5pm! Like Hyder ( my husband ), she starts her day really late too. Only when the moon is glowing then their eyes are gleaming, Like Draculas or Vampires. :)

I thank god for not giving me any urge to go out today as it is Chinese New Year and I expected most places or shopping areas are close and also it's Valentine's Day. Though I do not celebrate this event (but had always love to give away small prezzies to friends only), it would still be sickening to see all these couples with flowers, balloons and presents walking around. Especially when I'm walking out alone!

Ok! I'll stop now!!! 

Going to watch Couples Retreat as that woman just came in and said play on now.

(I'm going back to the mode where I wonder if life could be better) - Again!
Upon My Word!

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