Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bake Basics

I was reading my Baking Basics and did a little homework on measurements and directions while working today ( there was not much calls J ). It’s amazing how the smallest little step could be the most important one.

And so I did realize that all my equipments which I had bought every now and then, since aged 17 were either missing ,as I moved around a lot since I that time ( not easy to be an orphan ) or taken or rust in time.

As I wanted to get serious with my passion, I came out with…

A very long shopping list.

It’s for my new kitchen in training. New baking try-outs. And the re-invention of the cookie classics.

For Bake Ware
4 Baking Trays ( make sure it won’t bend or warp during baking )
8x8 inch Cake Tin ( loose base preferably )
12 holes Fairy Cakes Tin – I can try making cupcakes
2 Muffin tins / Sillicone ( flexible/heatproof )
10x15 inch (25x38cm) Swiss Roll Tin
Spring form tin ( for cheesecakes )
Tart Tin ( several sizes )

Everyday Essentials
Balloon Whisk
Scone Cutter & any other cute ones
Measuring jug ( wonder where’s my old one )
Stainless Steel Mixing bowl – 3 different sizes
Pastry Brush
Long Wooden Rolling Pin ( to knock your head )
Skewer (to test the cakes )
2 x Wire Rack ( to cool myself off )

The shopping list is getting more and more intense for me. As of now I’m sure you should know what I need all these for. For my hobby cum job to be cum homework.
Well, I’m not finished yet, there’s still some more.

Added Extras
Baking Beans ( these are ceramic beans for pastries )
Palette knife ( to kill the cream )
A good Food Mixer – Could I afford these??
Icing/Piping bags and nozzles for decorating.


Who said baking was easy and cheap?

It’s not simple , it’s definitely not affordable for some. I would say that it would be crazy for me to buy all at 1 time with a coconut budget. And even just a 2 weeks culinary course cost $3500. It takes me a year to save up!!

Nonetheless, baking is my passion. Giving something that I have baked to someone I love is a real generosity.
I would do everything to make it right.

I prayed that this would really bring me somewhere I always wanted to be – Happy

Upon My Word!

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