Monday, February 22, 2010

Choose A Cake

This whole week was cake searching week for me. Ask the cake decorators if they were creative enough to such designs, asked for quotations and most importantly , ask the bride if she was happy with it . I felt that I'm getting married all over again but in a totally different theme.

All this for you,Yannie. Thank you for making me your bridesmaid a.k.a maid.

Her choice of color is red. unique and pretty. The cake would be going with a cream, gold and brown theme. I swear it's not easy choosing a cake design. It is also a little hard when you have a million options to choose.

I have narrowed down some preferred designs and really hope to get my readers opinion on your choice. You may just leave me a note at the chatter box. (no id required)

Click on the pictures to emlarge.

Let's see the cupcakes or small cakes choices. I personally feel that this is convenient as at the end of the ceremony, you may easily give it away to guests. No cutting and no mess. Though it's a pretty common trend now, we could use our creativity to create something different.

These are either cupcakes and small cakes. No.4 would be my personal favorite as it would look like small little presents when you gave them away. Pretty unique and practical. 

These would be more of a glamorous side and very very uncommon. The rhinestones would make your cakes glitters and noticeable even from far. Simple but extremely elegant.

 These are the traditional wedding cakes. I choose No 1 !! I like the drawings on the cake. Little birds and butterflies.These are hard coated icing.It has to be hard as it need to sit at the podium for hours. Heavy and hard to handle but it's classic and traditional.

The whimsical cakes are highly unique and will definitely make a statement at your wedding. Most called it Topsy Turvys. If statement you are looking for , this is definitely it!

The gift boxes cakes. I love these as it really does not look like cakes! Who would guess that these are cakes. They look more like you gifts stacked altogether.

The pillow cakes are one of a kind. Huge and extravagant! Costly I must say but we can always ask the decorators to shrink the size. 

That was all my findings after a week. I had hard time choosing and now you have to help me make a decision.

My personal favourites are :

See! I'm as fickle as the bride.

If you are wondering if all my findings are local. No they are not. Not many talented Singaporean bakers but I do know a few. My advise when looking for a wedding cake would be , get your favorite design and then ask your local cake decorator if he/she is able to create it and get a quotation. In my multiply contacts, there are a lot of decorators would are able to test their creativity and I've seen a lot of good results.

Finally help me! Vote for a cake.

Upon My Word!


  1. go for rhimestones, make sure the bride's dressed like a princess/queen... pillow nice but too messy.

  2. Thanks! The rhinestones are pretty. will it go with a cream, gold and brown backdrop?

  3. I love ya,Ain! Hi everyone, im the fickle bride-to-be! hehe
    i personally liked No.4 from the 1st category,No 1 from the 4th category,no1 and 2 from 5th category. i like the pillow cake too but sure expensive.. then who wanna go and eat! Hmmm..