Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where Nabin's @

That day we thought, let have something different. We went on.

The way I 'd described the place to him after me last visit with my girlfriends, had made him curious.

We went to Nabin's. It was introduced to me like a so called "Arab's Club". Not quite for me.
It was more of a true cozy arabic theme, chillin' the luxurious way. 

I lurrrrrrrrrrve it!

Having the light and delicious potato boat ( We wished it was more of a potato cruise instead! ) and my favorite glass of Mango Yogurt Milkshake.

The place was private, cozy and huge!

  He definitely could do without it. It has a great kick taste with a "special" blend.

We huggle, snuggle and smooched!

The performing stage. No metal music here Mr.

A very very spacious and comfortable setting.

 And then we may want to hold a private party here. oohhh... Belly costumes only.. 

Well then.. After all that we went back to basics. A private time well spent. We then socialise.

With My Cat!

At Cafe Le Caire of course. My little baby was waiting for me to feed her.. 

Moral of the story is : 
You may be curious and always wants to try new things but at the end of the day , you would need to remember your roots.

Upon My Word!

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