Sunday, January 3, 2010

Harbour Seeks

2nd day of twenty ten. I feel love.

My husband finally got his weekend off. It has been quite sometime since he slave himself to work in Starhub in October to have that extra money for us. I appreciate it greatly.

And so before we started our date we head over to our favorite grandma's place with the rest of the family.

Sadly, Amy did not cook that day and all of us were famished. Bhai Faris had to save the day to go  and buy 5 packets of chicken rice for all of us. It was limited but sufficient and it was just good bonding time. The kids look so cute queuing up for their turn to be fed by their beloved Dadi.

And that i us enjoying all the time at her place. The kids had never fail to sweat there despite the strong wind. I have always enjoyed the wind up there.

And so we departed and Love and I headed to the Habour Front/ Vivo City to spend our evening there. Love wanted to see the Sunset which he wanted to go over to Sentosa. For me I wanted shopping and I told him that Sentosa would be packed! To be fair, I chose Vivo to enjoy the sun and the shopping.

Here we are at Vivo City. We spent from 4pm till 9pm at night.

We had a good meal a Musselicious and the venue was superb and the view was captivating.

It's in the way you want me. We sat there from before and after the sunset. It was such a romantic moment.

Well since i take a better picture with MY camera, lovee became my model of the day.  Anyway he wanted to show off his new top! Well hope you like the pictures love.

And the place we cannot missed out on Vivo City is Page One. Lovee will be at his favorite section - All the IT and gadgets stuffs while I go to the women's magazine, my favorite travel and living and cooking . Then I came up this interesting mag for my current situation now - Weight Watchers. Bought it!

I ended my day at Cafe Le Caire as usual and meet up with our favorite friends, Eileen & Justin. Some soul sharing and with a good laugh of us girls teasing the guys all the time, I ended my day with a smile in bed.

Sometimes, it's all the little things we do -  Contented.
Upon My Word!

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