Friday, January 15, 2010

The Sore Loser & Asshole

I logged in into Facebook today. I have not been active these few days as the wireless was down for a week at the cafe. It was so irritating not being able to update my status, unable to do media downloads, play around with Twitter, challenge the games and check all my emails.
I miss the cyber life.

Besides the story.

As I was browsing the News Feed on Facebook, checking out the status of my beloved friends, I came across a very noticeable comment. A person in my contact list which I have never considered him a friend or at any relations even though he was my sister's friend.

To me , he is a Sore Loser!

My beloved darling sister had dated this man for a while now. Well, I'm her little baby sister, I will want to see the best for her. In the position that I have never interfered private love issues. I'm happy for her if she is happy with herself. But when she's in need , I'll try my best to be there. Always trying to help to be the smarter one. :)

She was hurt before and yet again, to the moon and back with him. I thought since she is single, it would be good to have a circle of friends of girls and MEN. No harm done, professional and mutual.

Since the SORE LOSER had played punk before, would he think that he would ever be fully trusted again? And the SORE LOSER accused just by checking the history of somebody's phone? Where is your senses under that hairless and brainless head of yours?

Just because, somebody bumped into an old fling and exchange numbers, you start charging that as affairs. Wow!
Jealous ?
I guess you must have earned a lot of "charges" yourself. That is why you get so insecure and self praised yourself thinking that you are Mr HARD TO GET?
The thing that is HARD is only the thing down there!

Need I say more what type of person he is. Read below. And it is true that everything comes in pairs. The SORE LOSER has a partner called the ASSHOLE who treats women like thrash too.

Please click on the image to view the convo.

Next better player please! Round of applause to the SORE LOSER and ASSHOLE.

What goes around comes around man! Always remember that. Things we do always have a price to pay.

Upon My Word!

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